What is the difference between the barrage at B station and the barrage of ordinary video sites

With B’s open registry and lower registration threshold, more and more other

users, including those who like to watch videos on other video sites, are also starting to watch videos at B stations.

What’s the difference between the barrage of

, Q1, and B stations and the barrage of ordinary video sites?

barrage culture difference

barrage quality difference is large,

barrage’s purpose,

, Q2, B station, see the film and television sector crowd is ACG fans or film powder?

video powder, ordinary users huge, ACG lovers less. Barrage difference is also large, read more

Those nonsense

self introduction, Tosky, Hunan university attended the second grade, the main advertising design web design in this piece. Many computer from junior high school, high school started the station. All these years he is still considered a little webmaster. Write on the computer but never published today to idle write prompted by a sudden impulse. Something not very good. Please do not throw bricks still keep the egg, always useful. Good! Do not say, get


" as a webmaster is very fashion trend! " I think we all know what to say. This guy is not necessarily how how to promote the establishment of some beaddressed. Today, I do not speak nor speak station promotion. Many of these are hardcore master. There is also there are many experts I will not disturb the wind grass. read more

WeChat public number novice how to rise monthly fans tens of thousands

WeChat public number fans are proving difficult to grow. Recently, a lot of operators have asked me what I can do to increase the speed of fans. What I want to say is that we all think about the rapid increase of powder, but we don’t want to spend enough time to promote it. If each of us can grow hundreds of thousands of fans a day, then the WeChat public will not be so hot, everyone can run a public number.

last night, two operators talked to me about ways to grow fans and how to break through the volume of fans. I will talk about it in detail and how to improve it. read more