Zac read Shanghai dragon combat code external links section sense

actual password if you do there is to lose weight, then in a Shanghai dragon blog do anchor text or directly link it will be greatly reduced, if the Shanghai Phoenix blog has an article which is specifically about the words that the weight loss effect can be improved, but it is far from a weight loss blog link is more important, this is called Ningkuimoujian details.


recently to painstaking research about Shanghai dragon so bought an actual Zac password, also not all reading the book, I most love the part of me first, of course is about the external links section, I believe that many webmaster friends like me, I will put my reading of this section I like to share: read more

Enterprise station Shanghai dragon is not only the key words


uninterruptedReal time online publicity

key word and the long tail word and

Line extension


in Shanghai Longfeng quickly, do Shanghai dragon in the company, most of the time no matter what kind of way, no matter why not reasonable, as long as the end, you can see the benefits, that is reasonable. Or even if you log analysis is very good, the structure is very reasonable and included very quickly, keywords layout is very reasonable, but ultimately not benefit your work will not be sure, is of no value. After all, the enterprise must pay attention to the process of station of Shanghai dragon, but pay more attention to the. So, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization at the same time, also need to do other work synchronously, so as to ensure the optimization of key words in the long and other benefits, so that you get. read more

Facebook will push the head of the minister Video Festival PK Amazon YouTubeTalk about how Taobao cu

in February, Facebook CEO Mark · said Zuckerberg wanted to introduce services that allow users to participate in "situational content". In addition, Facebook executives said they plan to build an ecosystem that specializes in making video content, as a supplement to content made by users.

Taobao customers, even so, in making traffic at the same time, you have to understand, fully recycling traffic.

actually said so much, is just beginning, but, now, in the movie, thunderbolt watch movie dead card slow, the mood is bad, first write these, write bad, forgive me, I will not write in the future. If you write a good word, that is to say, the last time the Tencent was included, and I wrote more than 10 sequels, but have not been included again, this will work hard, come on! For the first to write so much, then write tomorrow. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet. read more

Optimization details several websites you will neglect


input domain instruction love Shanghai came out, in order to facilitate the review, recommendations that the number of set to 100 per page, so it is more convenient, the chain trend view competition is also very convenient.

two: the latest chain query

many of the page text using the random call column column, the advantage of this is that each page is a spider, change, next is very conducive to the deep internal pages to crawl, enhance the whole point of crawl rate is recommended when new online home page text columns using the random call station mode, can effectively improve the sites included the number, a month, included rate has reached more than 80%, the new station is not easy. . read more

How to do web site optimization The use of new media since the media platform optimization

picture 4

from the media layout, to do the chain and text layout:

most of my friends all know that the greatest impact is the website optimization website content and the chain. Optimization is a complicated system engineering, the theory is very simple, but it is not easy.

8, various types of B2B platform account number

10, paid media contact cooperation of

3, Sohu from the media

what to do next?

picture 2

1, today’s headlines platform

4, Tencent Penguin

let’s say good website features Shanghai Dragon: read more

How do put the key words do the first page of the second page

there is a note that my external links are not all point to the home page, there are also many links to the headlight assembly of the content page.

because the word is on the ranking page, so I think that is not the weight within the page is too low, not stable rankings, then I decided to do an experiment, published an article on the owners of the house and stay inside the A5 above, the link is not home page link, but the word in the page links (before submission has been left the home page link), a few days ago suddenly found the word ranking on the front page, and on fourth read more

Don’t have sex in Shanghai ranking how to optimize the site

take the brand route optimization, site vertical precise positioning, brand extension and create. The brand is a kind of method to optimize the site of the insurance. Is your website or product into a brand, the customer is not directly see your website, but see your name, they induce active search, actively looking for your site. Love thousand goose believes that brand optimization method is focus on the vertical positioning, optimize promotion brand word, let the user’s mind under an anchor, spoke of a detailed field, you are the boss. This is the brand optimization. read more

Borrow rice total Lei Jun seven words to talk about the Shanghai Dragon

then learn Shanghai dragon now? I still see a lot of people learn the way Shanghai dragon to learn programming language what. For example: ASP, php.div+css and so on, although I think that to learn, but tasted it, after all, we are not a programmer, this will lead you to the Shanghai dragon is half a bucket of water.

limit their ability to do

reputation: beyond user expectations of

attention: less is more, road to jane.

today in the "own" Ray total Internet thought the article summarizes the seven words "focus, extreme, reputation, known as fast" seven words, let me think of Shanghai, did not like this read more

A5 Optimization the importance of Shanghai dragon follow love Shanghai guide the search optimization

the first category of "white hat Shanghai dragon"

2, what is the credibility of the credibility of the search, the search? A perennial Shanghai dragon people are less likely to be a bit of publicity, love Shanghai. "

no matter what there are always some people love the loopholes, Zoupian Jian Feng, even Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also so, these people use search engine defects in the rules, so as to enhance the website keyword violations trial weights, and finally achieve the purpose of "Shututonggui". But the drawback is obviously, for the optimization of such cheating test, the final result is often away from the search engines, commonly known as: K station. Such as: the domain name bombing, mirror, stations, hidden pages, links workshop, keyword stuffing and so on, are serious cheating, so A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) warned not to "webmaster black hat Shanghai dragon". read more

Examples of Google Sitelink and Sitelink love Shanghai

Figure four: Google

with non Sitelink


recently launched Sitelink love love Shanghai, Shanghai has been doing micro adjustment, as for what is to enhance the user experience and reduce the user experience, this is really hard to say, the overall feeling is mixed. Love is not the innovation of Shanghai Sitelink algorithm, has been actually love Shanghai in imitation of Google search engine, and Google as a global leader. The algorithm exploits and user experience are just drops, imitation is always imitate, love Shanghai Sitelink and some places need to be improved. Below by comparing several examples of love Shanghai Sitelink and Google Sitelink. read more