A 7 year old stationmaster’s crying where is the webmaster’s way out

night already very deep, I can’t sleep or toss about! Finally get up to open the computer to write this article! I think, I think the way we think this generation of webmaster way! We really have a way out? I started to contact the computer in 2002 2000, I began to build their own personal home page Internet cafes (with the two level domain name). In 2006, the first time I bought domain names and spaces, I began building the first personal website in my life. It was a forum. Easy operation for nearly two years, feeling full of sound and colour, registered members have two thousand or three thousand people, can catch up with the national special rectification forum for the record in the teeth of the storm, you will be my poor little to upset the read more

Let Baidu fast collection and update methods face to face view

how to let Baidu fast included? Said bluntly, is the horn, everywhere shout, go to a place where many people shout, shout where? To the large flow of people to shout, so as to arouse people’s attention, in order to let the news of a ten, ten people spread. On the Internet, where the largest number of people, no less than a few places: BBS, paste it, Baidu know. Among them, the forum contains the most categories, and if you can tell your stuff in these places, then your exposure rate will be higher……. read more

Why is the same size virtual host price gap so great

same 1G virtual host, some companies offer 50 yuan, and some companies offer 300 yuan, there are thousands of no, why different prices with the goods?

I use now go to the 1G space network to 150 dollars a year, feel good, speed is also fast, I want to open a new station, in the Baidu search for a virtual host, found that prices are expensive, hundreds of pieces of 1G, I don’t know the difference between them. Why the price difference so much


carefully searched the question on Baidu and summed it up: in fact, the answer was simple, read more

Novel station novice experience dedicated to the vast number of friends who want to write a composi

novel station novice experience, dedicated to the vast number of friends who want to learn the composition of the station, hoping to learn from the role. Since the emergence of literary websites in the Internet, this new form of literature has quickly swept the world. Network novel also through computer this kind of unique carrier, spread to hundreds of millions of users eyes.

in this stream of innovation, some things have come to this, and some things have disappeared. On the bad side, let’s just say "no". What is the biggest benefit from internet literature, it should be the vast number of readers, and then, you can row to many webmasters. read more

Operation ideas of B2B website technical chapter

B2B about the operation of the site, many webmaster will gasped, facing a huge comprehensive system, sometimes I really feel very confused. Xiaobian also deeply sympathize with this. However, as a webmaster, you need to have faith and strong fighting spirit, facing the most difficult operation in the website B2B website to integrate ideas, a little bit of it, become a helmsman, let it in the ocean sailing. Today, Xiao Bian simply summed up some practical operation experience from technical operation, and brought it up for everyone to share. read more

On the overall view of operation strong initiative and self reflection

so-called "operation overall view", but also is a habit of thinking to develop, in the operation of the size of things, habits, rational, strong, active and self reflection thinking.

these two days have been mentioned a sentence is: you did nothing wrong, wrong in you too old.

the Secretary of enterprising, dare to hate lazy politics. The operation can not be a part of the country, to win or die, not a bit bloody. In terms of the role of the moment, the operation of the user, the market, the company’s revenue and other core resources lifeline, and how to accommodate people who live safely?. read more

Understand industrial real estate website operation three factors details help web takeoff

with the rapid development of China’s economy, a large number of business entities began to appear in the background, so many in the city area in the construction of a large number of economic and Technological Development Zone, in order to provide production base for these manufacturers, such as industrial real estate websites the important investment platform for Economic Development Zone, at the same time the real estate industry site property and real estate website, which belongs to the Home Furnishing life type, only one for ordinary people, the other one is for the majority of business owners, so the operation idea on industrial real estate websites should begin to change from the other way, if you are not able to avoid some of the details of the problem, it is easy to cause operation failure. read more

Seduce Baidu lazy content originality

The original

site, is an important basis for the success of Baidu to seduce or not, only the internal strength well, Baidu MM will be favored, so how to improve the site of the original, this is the rookie webmaster are more concerned about a headache problem, for this problem, we can have The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. All the way. Below I combine my experience of doing the station and finishing some of the methods on the Internet, to say how to simply save trouble to improve the original content of the site, hoping to give you some reference, and common improvement. read more

My forum has come to an end at last

this year is the Olympic year, I don’t have much joy, this year graduated, has not found work, has worked on the forum was closed, so simply closed permanently, determined not to do, really sad, in any case to police hard, one sentence is closed, all of the forum to who cares, was cast to the wind, just want to do a platform, a Henan communication platform, That’s all., it won’t let you do it, this is not the way of things

Zhengzhou police yesterday received notice, was asked to immediately must immediately shut down the forum, said to be harmful information too much, I do not agree with this, because my setting is full audit forum posting, absolutely does not have this problem, and after Langfang is also very early server events are very alert, and at the beginning of the year after the Olympic Games by, crackdown on personal forum, this is what I expected to do, oh, more of the crime, it is easy to find a pretext, it is sooner or later, because last year there have been many forums have been closed, because I think it is clear to all read more