Coghlan collects the mug

first_imgMick Coghlan (right) with Bill Jones.PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday, May 22, Crystal Bay – StrokeThe day was planned to be at Bangpakong Country Club but we found late on that they were coring the greens at this time so we changed to Crystal Bay at the last moment. Not a bad change actually as Crystal Bay is much closer and also not as costly.With a normal ‘Low Season’ number of players we set off on the C & B nines off the white tees. All went well till we reached C7, which is a par-3 island green and was 170 yards or so over water. Many golfers find this difficult and this being a monthly mug day and a stroke competition, many hopes ended in the water.  Certainly I was 5 off the tee here. Trouble was also waiting for us at the first Par 5 on the B nine, which is also a long drive over water and also caused problems for many golfers. See water, hit water! The greens were a bit slower than one would expect but the course was playable.The winner of the monthly mug, sponsored by BJ’s Holiday Lodge, was Mick Coghlan with a fine net 64. In second was John Davis with a net 69, ahead of Takeshi Hakozaki in third with a net 71. In fourth place was Mashi Kaneta with a net 72 and then we had a count-back on net 73 that saw Dick Warberg in fifth and Brian Parish sixth.Friday May 25, Pattana – StablefordOne of the regular courses on our rotation was on tap this day, Pattana Sports Club. Would we get around without getting wet was the question on everyone’s mind as we headed off after breakfast. We had received word we would be playing the C & B nines in that order so the usual fear of the opening tee shot facing water both right and left on B-1 was not a worry.After a quick check in and change in the great locker room, we were off C1 playing “ball-in-hand, through the green” as carts were restricted to the path only. This proved to be a wise decision as the fairways, while in very good condition, were sodden and gave up little roll, picking up globs of mud. While C’s greens showed a little coring around the edges they were in good shape and rolling at a fair speed.Most were caught out by several pin positions where if you got the ball to the hole with enough speed and did not have the precise line, you were faced with a 10 -12 footer coming back as the slope took it well off to the side.The biggest complaint of the day was the fact the two drink stands on C were not open. Nine holes without a place to replenish ones water supply is not acceptable in these hot and humid weather conditions. The course management was informed of this concern and we trust they will take appropriate corrective action.With all groups finished and headed to the showers in less than 4½ hours, the scorecards were collected and we were making our way back to Pattaya without any rain.With only one flight today and five places up for grabs the scores were very good and those not equaling their handicap were left to applaud and hope one of their 9 hole scores would get them a mention.With a fine 39 points, Dave “DB” Cooper (C/H 26) took the top spot over a trio at 37 points. In count back order of finish, they were John Davis (13), Steve Truelove (12) and Mashi Kaneta (16). Getting the final call in fifth place was “Buckers” Buckingham (23) with a fine 36 points.Bob Britton and Dick Warberg took home the “Best 9’s” prizes.last_img

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