Goblins, Ghosts and Zombies: Boo!

first_imgPick a place in your house you pass a few times a day. Perhaps the dining room table or the coffee table in the living room.Tell yourself, “Every time I pass, I will do four deep knee bends.” And do it. If you pass 20 times in the course of a day, that’s 80 deep knee bends. Not bad as a start. In the second week, increase to six or eight and start doing every other set as single leg squats. (Ouch)Also in the second week, add another station and add crunches.The third week add another station for the plank. Every time you pass, hold a plank for 20 seconds. As that become easier, make it 30 or 40 seconds.Starting tonight, every night, before you go to bed, stretch. Take five minutes, ten minutes and stretch. Stand with you feet apart and bend to toch your toes.Hands together touch first one foot and then the other. If you can’t make it, don’t bounce, just reach with a little pressure for first one and then the other. Reach gently feeling the backs of your legs pulled taunt, but not hurting.Then sit with one leg folded under and reach for your toes again tipping your head down to your knees. Do ten and then switch legs. And then do both legs one more time.Last. Take the time (this is a chunk of time, but worth it) to spend at least half a day every week in some sort of constant notion exercise. Skiing puts you on the hill for the whole day. Skiing is a balance in motion sport. Take time to put yourself in motion and work on your balance for a day. If you haven’t been active in a long consistent fashion, the day will be that much harder.So hiking.Go riding.Go climbing. Go far and then go home. Do your deep knee bends in the dining room. Do your plank in the kitchen. Do that half an extra flight of stairs.Be in motion.Be in balance.And be ready for the first day on the hill.Keith Liggett is a skier and writer based in Fernie, BC. This week goblins, ghosts and zombies roamed the streets unfettered. Scavenging for candy and any assorted treat, they threatened the fearful populous with “Trick or Treat.” Throughout the country people became pliant and offered up the best with intent of pushing away the doom and destruction for told by the wanderers.Ah, but they only meant to jolt you out of your placid ways and get you moving into conditioning for the ski season.If you don’t start right now, all the doom, destruction and bad things the zombies threatened will come true that first day at the mountain, Pain will course your body no matter how many Snickers bars you handed out the other night as pre-season penance. There is no substitute for workouts.The excuse most of us put forward to avoid in pre-season conditioning is the “I don’t have the time” mantra.In fact, you have the time.First, relax and start to enjoy every day.Remove the time stress from your day as much as possible. Don’t look for a block for an hour. Look for moments, just a couple minutes here and there to string together.Change your habits. Start walking more. Don’t drive around looking for a parking lace. Pop into the first one and walk the distance. Walk fast. Push off the balls of your feet and really stretch into each stride.When you have an option of using the stairs, take them. Take them two at a time. When you get to the top, turn around go half way down and back to the top again. Add a half a floor to every set. The Nelson Daily and Rossland Telegraph would like to take the opportunity to introduce Fernie’s Keith Ligget and his new column, On Piste.Off Piste.In this twice-monthly column through the ski season, Keith will help skiers get the most fun and the most benefit out of your winter lifestyle and we all look forward to seeing what he’s got to offer.last_img

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