FarRight Finish Politician Rips Up Quran in Public

Rabat – Far-right Finish politician Marco De Wit ripped up a copy of the Quran in public on Sunday, according to Turkish press agency Anadolu.De Wit, who is the leader of a small far-right party which has no seats in parliament, tore up the Quran in full view of police officers in Helsinki’s center. Yakup Yilmaz, a member of the World Turkish Business Council’s European Committee, witnessed the provocative act. “I told the police officers that he was committing a hate crime and they should stop him. The officers did nothing,” Yilmaz told Anadolu Agency. He added that De Wit was also insulting the Prophet Muhammad as he ripped up the Quran.“By ripping up the Quran, De Wit is committing a hate crime, but the police didn’t say a word,” Yilmaz said.The incendiary act coincided with European polls taking place in Finland on Sunday, in what one Twitter user dubbed a blatant attempt to gain Islamophobic votes. #MarcodeWit , leader of #Finnish People First — a small anti-immigrant party, tried to stoke the Islamophobic vote by publicly ripping up a copy of the Quran. pic.twitter.com/8C8nGa7HFD— Crackdown Chronicles (@CrackdownReport) May 27, 2019This is not the first time De Wit has ripped up a Quran while campaigning for the elections, as well as having ripped up a Jewish Torah. according to Anadolu.Read also: How One Muslim Woman’s Instagram Post Combats Islamophobia

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