Man tunnels into GameStop store steals 5400 worth of games

first_imgVideo games are an expensive habit to have. Past the cost of buying the console new releases can cost $50-$60 each. Steven Archer, of Greeneville, Tennessee decided to take a cheaper alternative to buying the games from his local GameStop store by tunneling into it and stealing them instead.Archer entered an empty building which was located next to the GameStop store. From there he began his tunnel through the wall and to the treasure trove of games that awaited him next door.AdChoices广告His plan was successful because he managed to make it through the wall. Once inside he picked up games with a value of $5,342 as well as $288.55 in cash. He even managed to leave the scene with all those games in tow and must have thought he’d got away clean.Unfortunately, his plan had a flaw and he’d forgotten to clean up after himself. A trail of evidence left at the scene of the crime apparently made it easy for police to track Archer down with Detective Pat Hankins making the arrest.Read more at Thinq and GreenevilleSun.comlast_img

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