These stunning photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of

Share56 Tweet Email5 Source: Stas BartnikasAs is known, the Colorado River is very shallow due to the active use of water from it for agricultural purposes. And when it reaches the ocean in Mexico it is almost dry. Aerial shot was taken from a Cessna. Sunday 31 Mar 2019, 10:30 AM Source: António LeongA local butcher is seen preparing to close his shop.Nature Source: Christian MurilloTwo groups of climbers make their descent from the icy slopes of huayna potosi. For many, this is their first 6,000m peak, resembling an achievement of a lifetime. For everyone, their respective mountain to climb is different, but mountains like this one are no stranger to changing the way your mind works. The moment of recognition of this growth of physical and moreso emotional stature is one of the most raw, transcendent, and blissful moments in my life, which is captured here. 33,776 Views Source: Anuroop KrishnanWhile lemurs are endemic to the island of Madagascar, even within the island there are diverse habitats which are home to a number of species of lemurs. The red-fronted brown lemur is found in south western part of the island, in its dry lowland forests. It feeds mostly on fruits, leaves, and flowers — often leaving the comfort of the trees in search of seeds. 6 Comments Mar 31st 2019, 10:31 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Ryan KostMarket day in Urubamba. Beautiful, delicious, organic, and oh so colorful. Always so much healthier here. The only things being processed are your thoughts tickling your senses :). My daily routine. Stop here in the morning. Combine this goodness into a fresh smoothie and save some for a five o’clock drink with a kick of Pisco. My advice … if you want to experience more about a culture visit the local market. Source: Michael PereaLooking down at the Kilauea eruption from Fissure 8 as it enters the ocean, the plume of smoke opens up, and reveals the newly created island underneath.Cities Source: Mark ShimaharaUmbrellas cross the Shibuya Scramble in Japan. Source: Gonçalo Lobo pinheiroRundown neighbourhoods contrast with the glitzy Grand Lisboa hotel on Macau’s skyline. Short URL These stunning photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year Entries are still being accepted. Source: Ellen DoreCows such as this one in pushkar, India, have free reign to wander as they please. As this one approached the entrance of a temple in pushkar, dedicated to Vishnu, people made way for the cow to enter.More information about the competition and how to enter can be found here. By Hayley Halpin ONE OF THE world’s top photography competitions is seeking entries, as photographers compete for a top prize of $7,500.The 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest is well underway and it has three categories – Nature, People and Cities. As well as the cash prize and the prestigious title, the winning photo will also be featured on the @NatGeoTravel Instagram account.The contest is accepting entries until 3 May at 12pm EDT (4pm Irish time).Last year’s winner was Reiko Takahashi, who won the top prize for his photograph of a humpback whale near Japan’s Kumejima Island.Here are some of this year’s entries to the Nature category so far:People Source: Tihomir Trichkov Participants in the annual Golden eagle festival, showing off their skills. The festival is held in Bayan-Ölgii aimag, West Mongolia. The eagle hunters are celebrating their Kazahk heritage and compete to catch small animals such as rabbits and foxes. Eagle hunting has been practiced in Central Asia for thousands of years, although nowadays it is preserved only in the Kazakh culture where the traditions are still alive and well kept.

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