Talk about the Domain website is not in the first place would do

can be seen from the chain, remained at around 800, but the decline in the number of pages included, to write this article, I have been in accordance with the original path update more than 40 articles, I suppose, if I a month update 330 articles, whether that included love sea will replace.? oh, I’m a Shanghai dragon only novice, starting from the practice, if really have this replacement to restore included things, perhaps to write experience for everyone to share. On the other hand I found that the change is not the first Domain website:


was determined under revision, if the site is updated every day to do it, I do not need to learn Shanghai longfeng. In order to adhere to update the site every day, need some passion, update the content of the website is not copy, of course, is not 100% of his writing, or popular our webmaster circle that "original + pseudo original combination", only to increase the content of high quality, I believe that the spider will also visit my site.

three, do their own websiteThis

has this problem, I find some information, is said to be right down, I know a lot of Shanghai dragon is not, since we all think the most performance is right down, should also have some solutions, I would say I now do a simple method, hoping to solve this problem.

, a daily updated website content


is mainly said, try not to have dead links to the relevant keyword links to web sites related to URL, as long as do the two step, it is good to improve the site pages included and improve the weight of our site long tail word. The same.

two, insist that every increase outside the chain of high quality

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence is again, I deeply understand the importance of the chain in Shanghai dragon in the work of the chain is good for increasing the weight of the website, insist that every increase in the chain, the ranking of a website is very easy. The increase of the chain many methods, can go to the blog, forum, classified information, various websites quiz channels and so on, we can try to find out the method of the chain increase their different.


September 1st, I conducted a revision of the original baby integrated network, into a BB cream recommended site, the original baby network about 800 or so the chain, love Shanghai included page 330 page. On the site before the revision, I expect that may occur in some cases, such as the site is down right and even K have the possibility of revision, so far has been three days, I searched, resulting in the following situation:

In the chain of

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