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in love Shanghai "convulsions" seems to be taken for granted, but smoking is only some foundation instability, or operation is not perfect website. But as such a high density keyword website why would not fall? Is still the old habits of keyword stuffing can improve website rankings? We can see through the query tool:

technology what, when there is no time to adopt, may also be the best recovery time is unaware of this time can be long. According to my understanding, this station is only Chongqing Shanghai dragon to do a test station, its meaning in the pile test keyword density in Shanghai love on earth can also have a great impact. From the point of view of the results, this is a successful test.

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website optimization, keyword density is always webmaster repeatedly topic of discussion, through the optimization trend in recent years, Shanghai dragon Er will keyword density defined in 2%-8%. But in the actual operation, there are few sites will optimize keyword density to more than 6%. Even if there is the key to optimize the station, after the entry of "smooth transition of keyword optimization. However, today I suddenly opened the "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" such a love Shanghai page, accidentally send a high keyword density can not be high site ranked first in nature:

binary network of Beijing Shanghai Longfeng (www. Shanghai dragon believes that the above practice test to test, owners also do not deliberately go to study, but there is a reference in the key direction. The results can be achieved, a modest increase keyword density, if things go on like this pile down, unless will not be found, it is difficult to survive. But it is still the keyword density is an important factor in determining the keyword ranking, finally.

page content on this sample station, and is displayed on the home page content. Although the search engine more intelligent, humane development, but in the keyword density algorithm still has many deficiencies in the judgment standard. After the basic observation of the site and the stand structure of the page also did not make any optimization, all structures are dynamic pages, even if the template also appears misplaced. But is such a station, but the label on the number of keywords appear in the home page, not blocked.



keyword "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" appears 67 times in the entire page, keyword density is 7.6. Only from the keyword density, perhaps can also be expected, but if analyzed from the label and content, is undoubtedly a be startled at the. Key words don’t stack in recent years in the label, broken here, not the emergence of a large number of keywords in the content page will be broken again:



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