May 9th love Shanghai update summary

two, website snapshot is not the description tag

five, pure text links were also seriously

A5 saw an article is to introduce the inside, when it comes to love Shanghai engineering Lee to answer the questions of users in the official club also explicitly mentioned, the search engine will put the text of the strong correlation between the chain weight lifting are calculated in the queue, far not said take me this industry several stops it is by pure text outside the chain. The chain which will tell us a little later to diversity, pure text outside the chain is to do.


further enhance the site PV degree is the principal factor influencing the keywords ranking.


this update in my opinion, did not see this, also may occur is not obvious. But can not.

In the last

data the author keywords throughout many industries ranked and estimated, large portal A5, Sina, Sohu are also affected, we look at the screenshot below love Shanghai search "source" back in April 19th, but included is normal, so we don’t have to worry about the recent website keyword snapshot, is love Shanghai phenomenon.

four, the interactive website ranking of rapidly rising

three, click on the software effect by

why do you say look at the screenshots, the author thinks that love Shanghai currently on the three label recognition is also more and more low, this is the love of Shanghai company has been advocated to improve the user experience, the most consistent with the user to query the things and give good rankings released. The second snapshot content as to website content, exam title and H1 tags such as description, this is clearly not in line with the user experience, how to grasp the most accord with the description of the website, it is worth pondering. But from the capture of A5, describe the call is actually the website advertising, if this situation is not treated, the consequences will certainly not good, suggestions can use JS way to call the advertising content. Of course, now the search engines on JS is in progress, it is also a matter of expediency temporarily.

most of the site is a relatively large adjustment, the most obvious is the keyword snapshot, when this speculation and love Shanghai is for the senior algorithm for some of the principles of adjustment. Please see the A5 website, for reference:


, a web site keywords snapshot


ninety percentThe From the beginning of May to enter the

in May with many software to click on to get the ranking website ranking has generally declined, this part of K is that the search engine in this progress has been possible to identify this kind of artificial brush ranking operation.

six, identification of Web spam is more stringent, a single page of Shanghai dragon significantly reduce the effect of

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