How to make the website ranking

1 sites do not search engine users but

you know it already, as the saying goes good not to mention the hero was brave, love Shanghai before 2010, the rules of the game and now in 2013 to each other than love? Now Shanghai has officially announced the new rule: love Shanghai clearly does not allow the sale, chain stack keywords, content copy does not correspond to the user the search content on demand information, so in the current environment, if we still do that.

recently contacted many customers asking the same question, when his website spent a lot of time, interface design is very beautiful, the consideration of the optimization are considered, but I am so good website is not a spam one in the industry ranked high, I’m not ranked and the other ranking very high? I insist every day to update the article, there are maintenance and promotion every day, and the brothers industry website 1 years not to update a website ranking is higher than me (my site is old age than him), why

the core sites we should not get ranked, customer trust brings us orders but. But now the first starting point of many friends is wrong, he will own profitable ideas into the search engine, is that I believe as long as we do the search engine ranking customers will give me money, my website will have value.

There are a number of

2, once brilliant not forever brilliant

although we often say that as long as you website ranking, you will be more customers and potential customers, one after another to find you, you consult and buy the products he needs, but we think without a problem? If your site does not have the requested information and product advantages, customers find you the website did not know how to order or view the information they need, then he will not immediately go? Yes or no? The answer is obvious, of course, is "". Then the customer can not find the information they need or no intention to buy him go after is not no traffic, no traffic is not equal to no PV, no PV is not determine your website without ranking? The answer is right. So many of our friends thought he decided the fate of the site

heard small only such problems rattan design say brother you know too much. Because you know too much to you when dealing with the website only take into account their own promotion measures and forget your users, you focus on your website and not pay attention to the value of search engines crawl. Deadly not you lazy, but you too hard. Why small rattan design say that? We do stand first we need to understand what is the purpose of.

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users often say that my website in 2008 ~2010 not too Niubi, site in Shanghai love in home and often the first, why my current website is not good, is not a waste site or a dead station

?The answer is

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