How to find a dead link in the web site

decreased the weights of the website. Transfer the weight of the page is transmitted through the links between pages, if the station has a lot of dead link, so before the page is even was collected, then it may be deleted, the weight will also lose.

two, dead link:

keywords ranking fluctuations. Outside the station anchor text is based on the keyword ranking. If the page has expired, then how hard you try to change the page to vote, keywords ranking or fall. Increase your bounce rate. If the page has a long tail word ranking, but has been lost, then the user through the page to enter your web site, your site will not increase the bounce rate. (user access only one page of your site on the left) to reduce the site conversion rate. A large number of dead links is to give users a less friendly "first impression"? But what about the conversion rate of

words?Detection of

D, combined with the web log to see dead link:



use NOTEPAD to mark the status code, very useful, you can clearly see the web log, the following is March 15th, I Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng part of the web log:

d:iislogW3SVCra120315.ibl 24913 CHINANET1011IZO 2012-03-15 1405080000 01:21:00 8001 GET HTTP/1.0 2000312103230 /index.php —

, a dead link formation:

three, dead link:

program error, website, mobile and server space, fault location of files DNS failure will form a dead link.

A, the owners of the house.


B, Xenu dead link analysis tools

d:iislogW3SVCra120315.ibl 24143 CHINANET1011IZO 2012-03-15 1405080000 01:19:20 8001 GET HTTP/1.0 4040220391543760 /index.php —

C, Google webmaster tools.

The harm of

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