Matt Cutts Google AJAX and JavaScript can read and index

above is Matt Cutts comments on the Twitter text is:


Google spider will continue to become more intelligent, now has the ability to perform AJAX/JS and some dynamic index comments.

, thank you!

BOT keeps getting smarter.Now has baby aristocrat the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index some dynamic comments

translation means:

foreign media reports, Google index to comment on Facebook, Google Matt Cutts Twitter confirmed that the baby is now able to peer review content index AJAX and dynamic Javascript, which means that Google can execute AJAX/JS index.

this means that Google better understand the content of Javascript or Ajax. It is said that Google spider can read the comments on AJAX or Javascript, this article from the Ziv blog text link address translation, 贵族宝贝webziv贵族宝贝/news/1103.html


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