Misunderstandings about web site optimization for easy access to the novice

7, website keyword selection error. As the Shanghai dragon novice might just enter a company, the company industry are not familiar with or not good keywords and website localization analysis, then it is easy to cause the website keyword selection error. This situation occurs frequently, often there will be the site of a keyword row to the first page of the first position, but no flow.

8, a large collection of web articles. If a web site is a collection or reprint, this site will be packed into a waste site, not the quality of a website, it will often not updated snapshot or regression, included slow growth or decline, reducing the problem.

5, TAG keyword stuffing. TAG mainly includes website title tags (Title Tag), (Keywords, Tag) Keywords tag description tag (Description Tag), if a website title tag and description tag repeat Keywords tag, there may be search engine that is cheating.


1, yangaoshoudi. Many novice in Shanghai dragon under the condition of lack of experience and wanted to do keyword optimization index above four hundred or five hundred, but also about 1, 2 months will be able to optimize up, this is a very unrealistic behavior. Do everything step by step down!

6, TAG modification. Early in the site because of the good website content not positioning, revising the title tag, description tag, which is a lot of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng novice often misunderstanding.

3, Shanghai dragon and the chain. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice think, the hair of the chain are all working content or is the core content of Shanghai dragon. Actually, a good Shanghai Longfeng workers will pay more attention to the content of the web site.

4, give up halfway. Many novice in Shanghai Longfeng hasn’t made the results before, or website right down, ranking drop and other factors, are easy to give up and eventually give up halfway. Shanghai dragon industry itself is the need to persevere work, if we choose to do the work of the Shanghai dragon must stick to it, to see the results.

for most of Shanghai dragon optimization promotion novice, due to the lack of a certain experience and knowledge, easy access to the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding often with. This site even Shanghai dragon promotion will have a certain influence, serious website K or give up Shanghai Longfeng optimization work. So the novice for the lesson or to absorb some experience.

2, blindly follow. In Shanghai Longfeng jobs are in different industries, and each has engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work on different positions. Every man’s work, work intensity is different, do not blindly follow, to choose their own way of working.

The misunderstanding of

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