How to solve the problem of the boss does not trust Shanghai dragon er

1, the boss considered their own point of view.

The ? ?Increase the

Webmaster: ok.

then questioned regularly, no website how people say what what started the

competition, the boss often because of ranking reasons, to think of other ways.

waste of resources?

1. competition, suggestions for the boss, two sites, ten words, a site only 3-5, two sites are mutually staggered, so ranking stable.

from the point of view of reality, his investment is need to quickly see the effect, trust the boss in the three months again lower investment returns cycle is too long, and the period around the boss produced more is not conducive to your thinking, if you can make the amount of his short payback period. Or in the return period of vacuum let the boss see the effect, not necessarily.

boss:…… ..


boss:…… .

how to do? If you go to this step, what would you do? Think to make achievements let him see? Or think of a solution? If it is communication, how to communicate

asked people to eat at night, ask someone how to optimize your web site.

3. and the boss does not understand, after the webmaster do half a month in accordance with their own ideas,

boss: you give me the information on the website, I look for my personal website to see.


…… Helpless………… .

: we have some stationmaster people.


I have a friend encountered such a problem:

problem does not trust the boss of Shanghai dragon Er

Webmaster: everyone’s ideas are not the same, the implementation of the time is not the same, must have access to.

virtual son rain

problem from the Search ask: how to solve problem does not trust the boss of Shanghai dragon Er

a few days, the boss: the site has no XXXX that what

are readily adopted. How to solve the

2. a month after the boss asked, why a website only 3-5 word

The boss of


for example: in the company let you put all the information to him, and when you say let others look at the website for the good

give the boss explained again, the boss has begun to disagree, ask: I do two website? A keyword not on the two sites I do two why not

as you said, don’t trust all the problems from the boss, do not trust the boss may have two aspects:


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