Shanghai Longfeng novice literacy lesson

3 and title in the process of optimization of the highest weight, search engines are the most important.

2, to promote the collection of

tell you about popular new course here, I hope friends don’t spray, because it is too simple, so new friends can know more about the Shanghai dragon.

, a titleThe

title is also called title, it is the role of the center of this web page is the most intuitive expression to show, let the user at a glance what this page will be provided to the user. So for the novice to understand title is important. I will Title several features marked out for new friends, reference:

two, mate

Three, the chain

4 and title. The use of easily do not modify, otherwise it will backfire.


3, weight. I write here is the effect of weight instead of weight, because you are not made outside the chain will be able to bring the weight for you, bring some weight instead the chain not only for you, but also to reduce your weight, and this is our "

1, attract spider. General even novice to send the chain, basically is to select those than their website is better than a lot of the web site to send the chain, the most significant this role is to bring the spider to your site, because the work principle is constant along the link to the spider in the ocean of Internet to crawl.

1, title can only appear in the page tabs.

. The spider, more, more frequent, so naturally would have included joint effect increases, so the second is included to promote.

what is outside the chain, what is the role of the chain? I want to do for the novice friends you also need to know a bit about this, because there are too many people know that the chain, the chain site needs, but just blindly, machinery to like the hair, have received the effect is very poor and even counterproductive. So I summarized the role of the chain in here, can let the novice webmaster can also be aware of:

there are many elements in the mate tag, I’m not here to tell you this, only one of the two most important things keywords and description. The two is to explain the Chinese tag with keywords and description, can be said to be the site of a very important thing. So how to write description become Shanghai dragon new friends need to first learn something, as for the importance of keywords because the algorithm reduces the number of update, only as a reference data.

2, the search engine search results page display is usually "title.

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