The analysis about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain of the strategic judgment

this means that the content of construction will become the most important thing to the construction site. It is pointed out the direction for the development of the webmaster website, pay more attention to the construction of website, by artificially increasing the external links to the construction site of the ideas will be more and more narrow, not until.

1. is the development direction of the webmaster further specified website

in fact, essentially, this will not only allow the search engine optimization is more difficult to do, but let the search engine optimization becomes more simple, more return to nature. The majority of earnest do stand webmaster, and seriously do network marketing people, is definitely a good news.

love Shanghai publishing platform in this important information Webmaster Platform this news release, is definitely not It is without rhyme or reason. profound thinking. Let us stand in love the standpoint of Shanghai, analyzes the purpose and significance of this news release.

These are

2. to inform the next direction and adjust the anti cheating algorithms

mentioned in the article was identified as cheating in the chain of the chain, not surprisingly, should be the object of love Shanghai next focus, webmasters need to control, check whether they are cheating on the chain. Cheating the chain anchor text, including the use of false black station links, link stations, wheel chain, Web2.0 group, BBS (obviously cheating signature, assessment of ID hanging links, false promotion, really recommend other acts of mass.

2013.04.25, Shanghai Webmaster Platform released "love chain decision" one article, believe regular attention love Shanghai information webmasters are already known. From the webmaster forum can see, everyone in the discussion of the incident. Many people believe that it makes search engine optimization more difficult to do, do not know how to go the way of optimization.

at present, although the love in Shanghai Chinese field of search engine is still a dominant, but no longer than before, its position is more and more threatened by a growing crisis. First of all, the later several search engines, especially Qihoo 360, is love Shanghai site due to look at fiercely as a tiger does, no small impact on the love of Shanghai. Love in Shanghai must not sit idly by, popular development. Secondly, the vigorous development of micro-blog, is also a huge threat to Shanghai, although the current love, also can not see the impact of love Shanghai, but who do not guarantee that the future will not have love, Shanghai must take precautions.

can predict the near future, will focus on the construction of website and not to increase the external links, must be the core idea of website construction.

to love Shanghai must be more to improve their skills, improve the quality of search results, provide a more authoritative, useful and relevant information for the users, improve the user experience, in order to stabilize themselves in the position of the user. This requires them to shield the tougher all non normal search results, by way of manipulating the chain website ranking behavior must be a greater blow.

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