Summarizes several basic methods of Web site outside of the chain

forum outside the chain construction is the most common, webmaster friends do. In the forum for the construction of the chain not only see other webmaster friends a good article, and his reply post above can also bring the chain, here is of course with some basic character signature, the head of the forum is a forum to attract a spider or advertising section, which can limit the post, of course this effect may be slightly worse than the other sections, but also included a chain, website address in the personal center which write. Also have the effect, the people are generally ignored. But some of the forum is to join the anchor text, the benefits in the anchor text site optimization need to pay attention to things in this article have said, oh, interested can look.

two, the construction of the soft chain



some novice can say: you say you are old and simple, easy, do you think? I can tell you in charge, you can see the article, summed up the experience of others, and then to modify write on the Internet, what are you! Or lazy, direct money to buy

> search engine of their products

you can see my love Shanghai website backlinks, inside most of all is I contribute to bring, must have the benefits of some webmaster friends know of, for example, yesterday I contribute to the CHINAZ and A5 articles are all included, and was reproduced on other websites, the reverse link has reached 40.

, a forum for the construction of the chain

mixed kid blog website optimization has not deliberately to do outside the chain, can go a few forum made a few posts, this can also be said that we are doing the most basic method of visiting a forum yesterday, saw in the novice friends asked: how do the chain ah, this problem is really very broad, do not know how to answer, the birds have to say, but the novice friends really met such a problem, there are still some problems existing in the chain what the tens of thousands, but the site was ranked no weight, this problem is actually very common, as do many sites also encountered such a situation, first, I must say: the construction of the chain to comply with the relevant principles and widely, so that less! Methods and ways of the article briefly a few new friends can refer to the chain, can be To take over kazakhstan.

three, the blog group of building


here is the use of third party blog portal construction, NetEase, Sina, Sohu, love Shanghai, and so on is, here is the need to pay attention to the beginning, to a blog, don’t take the link, after the article was included in the appropriate add fast after the occasional link, but here I was described. In the construction of the chain address which includes a number of forums, the third party blog address ah, this all to see

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