Analysis of website snapshot not unified and keywords ranking gap problem

second: whether the site has trojan attack and, look at your links, or site traffic, and is the site of the statistics, found that if one has a problem, it proves that this phenomenon is normal, and we can attack the horse first time to solve, but the net station is malicious clicks, I really don’t know. Why, how to deal with, every time I was there for a few days, I did not care, but this is definitely one of the causes of the decline in ranking websites.

three points above I think it is caused by the large gap or keyword ranking, keyword ranking fell an important reason, we can analysis, see if problems occur in these points.


first, we analysis the key words why ranking oath so big.

third: the construction of the chain, can the construction of our chain is too specific, for example, are connected to the anchor text is the construction site or are production sites, which will cause the attention of search engines, he’ll think you’re cheating, and we point to the link, is the home page, this is not I doubt this, my ranking problem, this is a great cause, there is Links, too, have to do with a keyword, the ranking is certainly not, links to diversification is the best.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been ranked Shanghai, let love make a mess, do not know their own problems of search engine problems or my site, but through these days of analysis and past experience, the feeling can still see some problems, so get out and share, hope to you the same treatment after will help.

recently my website and design, ranking is very unstable, then the top, and then in second pages, but the same level of the keywords ranking gap is great, such as Harbin website, Harbin website design, Harbin network company, although there is a certain gap between the search volume, but basically not too much difference, if there is one in the top, then the other two will be on the first page, but I found my these keywords ranking big gap, what is the reason for it, and we are not unified analysis, another is the precursor to this problem is a snapshot of the general. Is lagging behind, perhaps the most problems begin when these keywords are ranked among the best, or worst, it is not uniform, some 11, some 20 in number, have It started at number 24, do not know why, but now this is the possible reason analysis.

: I think the main reason is that the search engine adjustment problem, but why changes your ranking will fluctuate, there are reasons, I think that is a problem with your website optimization, you can see the keyword density and layout of the home page, the key is the anchor point is not. There are too big or cheating phenomenon, if there is, I suggest that the appropriate adjustment, may help you.

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