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as the Shanghai dragon in the choice of keywords must be cautious! Choose your keywords is king, blind choice high traffic keywords time-consuming thankless, ultimately within a predetermined time is not up to your expectations, if you have the ability to operate, when you are a novice will need to consider the following key words introduced clearly? Analysis tools:

identified in the main words, I think it is not time to write a title label, now need the page will be unified planning, which contains the website page, these pages are all carrying what information, these are planning well again reasonable arrangement of keywords.

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is to help you how to choose the methods and tools for their own keywords, each site has different content, different competitors, different operating mode, also determines the key words are different, but there are a lot of methods mentioned above, including the analysis tools use some key words on the market. But the keyword selection is not a fixed formula or shortcut, experience and practice is the most important, in addition to the deep understanding of the business and products, the analysis will be more accurate keywords.

can find out the keyword search heat, as shown in figure

can query the three keywords, the middle separated by a comma, figure can be seen in the daily search volume, "Shanghai dragon" of the word heat average is 6089, and the average is 755 "site optimization". You can also view according to the time of January, the 1 quarter, the first half of the year, 1 years, all. These data can only be used as a reference value, not as absolute basis.

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can find out the relevant keywords, and view the degree of competition and search volume. (Note: you must register an account, or keyword search out not all)





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