Shanghai dragon road website

this will probably bring a devastating blow to the web. The website will be the following:

To make the following preparations before the


I in our website as an example, the new domain name: 贵族宝贝

first check whether there is the use of the old domain itelinks absolute link address. First of all, the absolute domain name address is replaced with a new domain name address

: click on the left side of the old domain and website input revision: new domain name then love Shanghai spider update.

three domain replacement

web page layout adjustment


second do not understand what is the 301 jump 301 to ask Shanghai. This section focuses on the non love will not be much talked about

fourth continue to increase the chain

site structure adjustment Before

Shanghai dragon. One of the most headaches is encountered to the webmaster website problems. This means that the search engine will re-examine the weight of your site.

website domain name change:

third do friendship link updates do Links timely replacement for the new domain name. Of course, because if you use the new domain name website without weight may lead to lose a part of Links that can hardly be avoided

believe that the webmaster will be treated with caution.

domain name change can be said to be the most heavyweight website in change. Because the optimization effect is likely before the cast to the wind.

new domain name No matter what kind of

fifth with the help of love Shanghai website: Webmaster Tools settings: zz.baidu贵族宝贝 landing love Shanghai webmaster tools. Add and verify two new and old domain name.

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