See the search engine ranking web pages from keyword snapshot

Since June

so Shanghai dragon been tangled keyword density is a few percent of the problem is not a problem, even if your keyword density reached 15% can be completely abandoned, but to pay attention to the combination and interval of key words and sentences, especially since the love Shanghai adjustment, the keyword density once again become an important indicator to determine "the value of the.

inserted in the page title of the chain, can make the search engine more easy to believe that the value of this page affirmed, the reason is very simple: the chain are associated with this keyword, show that the website has the relevant keywords in the search engine, will score points for the web page.

love Shanghai in response to the 360 challenge, made a big adjustment, cleaning up a large part of the site, killed many innocent people. This is something we cannot complain, although Shanghai is also considering the self-interest of love (to prevent the loss of large quantities of users, provide more valuable search results for users), this and we do Shanghai dragon, Zhengzhou Kai Chi network technology is to put this sentence again to share: Shanghai dragon’s which is consistent with the search engine, to provide more valuable information for users.

said here Zhengzhou Zhi Kai network technology informs everybody, understanding of love should now Shanghai should have a greater height, do not blindly pursue the update frequency snapshot, snapshot update does not represent a site is dominant in the score, only that the content of the site is the search engine to crawl, no other meaning, it is not only a snapshot of search engine clean on the line, the need to update the time to update a bit too late in your site, such as the title and description of the update.


on the display results, and I want to chat with

I don’t want to say more, because this.

on the web page in the internal connectionKeywords

two, ranked more favorable

how can determine a page is not the needs of users, search engines are not real, can not fully understand the semantic web content to convey thoughts and feelings, can only be mentioned from a word frequency to determine whether this page is not important.

want to search for a fair result is not easy, I tried to find a suitable for you to read this keyword search results ranking, but failed, try a number of short words, the home is not to take up too much for promotion position, is love Shanghai’s own products, sina Sohu Tencent Youku potatoes six watercress and so on these huge user base site occupation. Just search a website optimization". The following is the results show:

, a keyword correlation (density) of page ranking produced by


three, website snapshot and keyword snapshot inconsistent

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