The Shanghai dragon three elements of some experience

website, but there should be a theme, for example, when we are born, the elders will give us the name of the same reason. If the analogy is not appropriate, more understanding! According to Bai Bing the teacher explained the idea, on the one hand, we according to their own business or interest to determine the key words. As a rookie, optimize the competition hot words, will undoubtedly make colleagues laughed. The basic are not solid, how can learn and master the Shanghai Dragon Technology? On the other hand, according to the company website, what do we see each other, and then determine their appropriate keywords.


the first point: do Shanghai Longfeng the choice of CMS is the key to

fourth: content is king, the original building professional and authoritative

personal computer is not graduated, for the construction of the website that it is Arabian Nights. Do Shanghai dragon without a website knife hand, listen to some theories do not do well in this line. Bai Bing teacher from how to choose a suitable CMS, quickly set up a website. WordPress is the most popular blog CMS, the Internet is the famous Shanghai dragon master do website. So, I choose WordPress as the site of CMS, and choose the theme of love.

Shanghai dragon often said "the chain for emperor", want to love in Shanghai have a good ranking, we will work according to the chain search guide to love Shanghai. The construction of the chain became Shanghai dragon can not be less work, such as: the distribution of keywords, the source of the link, the link position. The forum signature or blog website ranking effect is very small, when the anchor link can speak at the appropriate location. When do Links, we first consider and related website links or considering the site factors.

content is the soul of the website, but also to attract customers and the necessary spider >

operation, I follow the prescribed order lane for a while, hard work pays off, and finally set up a blog site in the local. Hey! That is how happy heart. Now WordPress Chinese version is also good, just need to get in the pseudo static background settings in WordPress – Fixed – write custom structure /%post_id%.html. This website will be accomplished by pseudo static.

second: determine the site core theme, keyword

is particularly importantThe construction of a good According to Bai Bing, the teacher explained the

I am a rookie Shanghai dragon, ignorant of the understanding and harvest in last night after YY training. Shanghai dragon as a product search engine mature, I believe that in the near future there will be more people to master this technology. After explaining the Bai Bing teacher, I have some experiences of Shanghai dragon three elements, now share the harvest things to everyone, if wrong please forgive me.

third: the chain for the emperor, love Shanghai "Concubine" or "Concubine"

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