love Shanghai big update reflection from the noble love Shanghai baby with optimization algorithm

love Shanghai’s position: to provide high quality results for users to the Internet; low quality reproduction; therefore we encourage original quality content (means more traffic, cheating / return) for low quality content will not be tolerated. We will not stop updating the sorting system, to ensure its correctness.

In the case of

also gives personal conclusion:

give us a prompt, such as 7.22 and 7.28 love Shanghai update event. As long as you are sure about the search for these two events, we want to find the analysis and insights from the search results. For the above, the search results are not the webmaster to search the same answer?? and is no longer the same reproduced? And everyone will also carefully read?? I believe that high quality is not the same as the major owners are loved is not?? while you are still in reprint articles to see who? A lot? I would glance love Shanghai grab site description, not directly following a result.

for a long time did not write the article in his own time to love some unfamiliar, Shanghai had sent two copies of his 7.22 and 7.28. See everyone in the raise a Babel of criticism of online speculation, it seems I am more than one awful little heart WOW! Being a little comfort. The London Olympics opening, love Shanghai are updated, the owners began awful. Love can not bear to repeat Shanghai finally spam in search results, the implementation of a webmaster love Shanghai awful plans for 7.22 and 7.28 of the two big update, thousands on thousands of webmaster implicated, led directly to stationmaster awful infection without medical treatment, especially Taobao guest webmaster pain, only by the day life. The bidding hospital timely given treatment before the love of Shanghai B and C plan to, hope owners don’t Wei sickness for fear of treatment.

love Shanghai experience: problems are now used to love Shanghai, love Shanghai not noble baby. But a problem is not no one answer (commonly known as the title of the party to make the flow station) is the answer (the same day flying toss about answer, until after the turn 7-8 page will have different answers). You must have had the same experience?? to find a solution to the problem of visible and practical articles are to bury.

update according to the low quality site; low quality site definition: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the modified content); this kind of website to get traffic in the search engine, not for user information site.

first look at the love of Shanghai anti spam system of search engine is that:


content of the construction of

about the contents, we all know, original and related. Don’t explain, love Shanghai has given warning. The original (not? How do you know how to do black chain? How do the chain?) previous teach? Or love the sea to answer? Why? The answer can be found, partial.

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