Search engine spiders crawl pages priority

2, the station updated more frequently by search engines Qinglai

search engine for some of the website is updated more frequently, often go crawling, in fact the search engine for the content is very hungry, it may try to grab more practical content to provide to the user, if your site is updated frequently, the search engines will often come to visit, it is love for the fresh ", we should cultivate the habit of a search engine to crawl, updated frequently, it will often visit, if you update frequency of the slowly falling, so it will decrease the frequency, because its resource is limited, not every time to crawl to the new page, the next will be separated by a long time again to grab.

1, high authority, high quality website page

is mainly from the station, within the same site, the search engine is generally from the home began to crawl, on the first page of the basic link is first crawl, but due to the impact of home effect, in the home page with links to "the basic ranking will be better than the other pages, so you important" to try to put on the home page, or on the date from the home page, you can click on the number of less than the local, so we generally don’t directory structure of the main website more than three layers, that is because of this.

3, from the home page to page click Close grab was first

Website Web page collection, web pages and web page click on the overall rate of these three factors is the order of rank, one is the whole collection, then the whole collection is determined by what? The first to be included. To be sure the page search engines crawl, crawl, it will be impossible to have included. So we in the optimization included, must find ways to let search engine crawlers to crawl more pages, then to search engine, its source is limited, and because of various restrictions, it can only capture a part of all the web pages on the Internet, and in the grasp of these pages in it. The index is only part of the search engine spiders crawl page which will give priority to

? The overall ranking of the whole flow depends on the overall

for some relatively high authority website, search engine crawlers are often grasping, because high authority website is search engine that is reliable sources, in rank, will be a priority ranking of these web pages, it has done is also out of the search engine users consider, if the website is ranked in the front of some rubbish website page, the user will feel that the search engine can’t find the results you want, next time might not come here, so authoritative and reliable site crawler search engine is more active, not only to stay a long time, and the number of sent spiders. Is a lot, so training the weight of the website is very important, long-term to provide high quality pages, adhere to the website weight up to do.


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