Share of dry cargo website first screen design in Shanghai Longfeng in five major importance

And the industry trends

website user experience, only the integration of art, design, process, strategy, feedback as one can do better, Shanghai dragon in the process to me as a rookie on the user experience, but how to let visitors stay in your own blog or website on a longer period of time, so the original Bowen has become my only the method. I have art and design, no team, I just one person in Shanghai Longfeng fur work for Shanghai Longfeng experience is very slow, the network connections are not perfect external links. I want to do, is to concentrate more on someone else’s blog or website, online with the Shanghai dragon predecessors and a lot of communication master learning. To seize every opportunity to practice, for example, I have been all agents and site construction work of Shanghai sex products, recently prepared a new line of business integration of network marketing, including soft writing and publishing, Shanghai dragon training, communication on the Internet bring customers.

two is a simple banner picture switch, highlights are enrollment >

highlight the ongoing business

the first screen should not be hard advertising and external links

Google clearly pointed out that the first screen advertising directly affects the quality of website, if the first screen too many outbound links will be judged as low quality website. To reduce the large picture of hard advertising, adopt a more gentle way, such as this website uses logo plus pictures planning activities in the form of advertising, logo highlights the web design training words, planning activities attract visitors click draw mode, inform the visitors by means of network application can reduce the registration cost. After image compression processing, does not affect the speed of opening.

web design training website first screen analysis

has recently been in Shanghai know the task of sex, and relates to the field of network marketing, Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai, often see people in Shanghai love know above asked how to do network marketing, I think at the beginning of this article should be able to help him. The day before yesterday in the Wuhan salon owners meeting prompted me to website, also let me eye-opening, it is learned a lot of experience of others. One of which I am interested in is the importance of the site in the first screen in Shanghai dragon. The site should be attributed to the first screen design, user experience, experience sharing on their website to do a simple analysis.

share the teacher is doing web design training, involvement in Shanghai Longfeng industry before, always on visitor behavior, the site has been in love in Shanghai keywords before the three, after entering the Shanghai dragon industry is experienced. Share the teacher emphasized the site of the first screen directly affects the visitor conversion, the first screen ready, customers can enter the second half, the tail screen is basically left to search engine crawling. For the web design training website, he analyzed the customer age, work status, demand, determine the site for the first screen module and the function and the taboo.

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