Don’t always try to make one billion Starting a business should start at 1000Green Dog Network bea

gets three valuable lessons.

online shopping gens is most valued is cost-effective, even if the legal services are no exception. If you can enjoy a better experience and service with less price, it must be a great boon for consumers.

if you work for someone else, or rely on investors to run their own business, then you naturally will not be so dedicated. Your autonomy and creativity will also be strictly restricted by others, and at some point you may not be able to stick to your heart in order to achieve something.

Gary Chou, a teacher at the New York Academy of virtual arts, teaches people how to start a start-up in a completely different way. He opened the business curriculum design, there is a non traditional syllabus: not for the creation of an imaginary $one billion company planning on any time and effort, in a repeatable and sustainable way, create a real company, even the value of $1000, but profitable.

lead: the advantage of creating a small company is that you have a high degree of concentration. Setting yourself a goal of creating a $one billion start-up will be one of your biggest mistakes.

in the Internet era, the combination of law and online shopping is the trend of the times. As a legal online service platform, the more electronic business platform tends to homogenization today, high-quality marketing is the key to optimizing operations. Taking into account the green dog network only WeChat account, it has covered nearly 100 thousand fans audience. Green dog net marketing department responsible person said, "we do better prepared this year, in advance on the establishment of the" double eleven "group, more in-depth on the green dog user habits survey, understand their law on online service demand, and then choose the most popular business law service packages do alternative."

takes the author’s own company, iDoneThis, as an example. In fact, it takes time to start a business. We’re really excited when we get $1000 in sustainable income. But when we reached this milestone, I realized that the time we were waiting for was not wasted. In the meantime, we figure out how to structure

"double eleven" is approaching, the "shopping Carnival" atmosphere is becoming increasingly strong, online shopping family have already sharpening, the availability of forage for "slaughter". And on the other side, the major electricity supplier brand has also entered a state of readiness, ultimately only marketing war broke out! However, in addition to well-known Taobao, Tmall, this year, the legal service business development momentum is also part of the "double eleven" marketing campaign, let more people see this kind of rational law the product can also ignite the enthusiasm of "shopping".

green dog network to secure your business "for the purpose, for entrepreneurs to save time and effort, save money, and to protect their business safety, reputation in the industry on the one hand, many, in order to reduce the cost of legal services to individuals and businesses for the purpose of team members is well-known lawyers, but also from sh419 Ali, the Internet elite, on the other hand, the green dog network online service in ensuring the quality of service at the same time, than the traditional legal services more convenient. Green dog network marketing department responsible person confidently said that the "double eleven" launched great efforts

the vast majority of entrepreneurs dream of their own to create a $one billion company, this idea is It’s only human., after all, who do not want to be the next Steve · or Mark · Jobs; Zuckerberg? However, apple, shlf1314, and Facebook, in the eyes of entrepreneurs like star companies often will my vision. Some start-up companies have yet to make a profit, and are beginning to fantasize about their viral expansion and access to millions of users.

2., how would you like to start a business?


all the hopes and visions of the world do not make you a step closer to your $one billion company’s goals. In reality, setting yourself a goal of creating a $one billion start-up will be one of your biggest mistakes.

on legal service electricity supplier leading brand green dog network as the representative, keenly according to the "double eleven" marketing node, launched a premium package, the specified product value minus the full, company registration, business plan packages, just waiting for the "kicked off the double eleven day! Specific rules: November 11th 0:00 – 24:00 period. In the green dog net official website, the purchase of service products designated minus 100 yuan, each product is limited to 50, first come first served! Is expected to participate in the products: Beijing Haidian company registration and business plan; Beijing Chaoyang, Dongcheng company registration and business plan; Shanghai registered company, accounting agents small scale one year; Beijing Shanghai Tianjin bookkeeping small one year; the national trademark registration. Green Dog Network said that the products involved in the activities of all start-ups just need products, online activities will ignite numerous aspiring people entrepreneurial enthusiasm. For the small and micro enterprises to serve the green dog network, will create more value for entrepreneurs at the same time, safety of their entrepreneurial road.

By creating a $1000 start-up,


1. you can support yourself,

self independence can help you release yourself from outside restrictions, and the first step to self independence is that your start-up can make a profit. If you can afford the rent or afford a ticket, then at least you can get free from imprisonment, of itself is also very meaningful, this is some excitement and some feeling of surprise will make you more efforts to move forward.

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