Beautiful 404 page design website and the matters needing attention


when we set the 404 pages do not.

set 404 page of Shanghai dragon has two benefits of

1. portal 5 seconds to return to the home page

error page

is now large domestic portal Sina, Tencent, NetEase and so on, these portals are the 404 error pages, but according to the Nanning site optimization team observed, including Sina, Tencent, NetEase, the three portals are used as a 404 error page, after the user is entered into the 404 error page tips after 5 seconds to return home channel.

404 other types of web pageThe 404 page "


1. user proposal. The user access to the deleted pages or page does not exist, we can use 404 error page to guide the user to browse the site, if not set 404 page, the user must close the site 100%, so it is necessary to set the 404 error page.

we should pay attention to not all the error pages are set to return to the front page of the site, it will make the search engine that website has many return duplicate content.


2. home owners of the "bricks"

2. to avoid dead link. When we fear the website optimization is the spider crawling to the dead link, we all know that love is not a spider dead links, but also for these dead links very disgusting, set the 404 error page can prevent a lot of dead links appear on the website. Look at the design of the



on the site in the 404 page of a page is extremely important, and each site is equipped with 404 pages, if a site is not set 404 page, this website especially is not professional, 404 page play an important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon. 404 pages are often used in user access to the deleted and no page design is to return, we often see the server error page 404. If the owners do not have 404 settings on the web page, the site will be a lot of dead links, will affect the spider crawling rate, is not conducive to the site included.

404 page design style and the site should be similar, or do you look at this site, otherwise the user access to the error page Jump to other sites that go up; and we can use some techniques to increase the users of the site preferences, such as some funny pictures and phrases and so on, like the webmaster an error page almost; adding humor interesting plot to the site error page allows the site to become a comprehensive perfect.

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