Et notice during the national day Where is the next step in valuing the 100 billion answer

June 8th, nutshell network founder Ji thirteen in the WeChat circle of friends announced: "sub answer completed A round of financing, valued at more than 100 million U.S. dollars."." It’s only 24 days from the answering line. After the news, the Internet circle and media group in the controversy, "a quick money behind: profit model prospects", "the face of micro-blog and piracy this tank" answer "can we drink?", "the logic of thinking of Luo Zhenyu: a knowledge economy paid open door" "the line of the 24 day valuation of billions of dollars to the answer on what to do?" and so on, valuation of billions of dollars to the answer, what’s next in the

multi layer communication of knowledge sharing

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so, onlookers eavesdropping character set and participation, detonated two spread of knowledge sharing, onlookers both acted as a node in the dissemination of knowledge, at the same time, due to the low cost., stimulate the enthusiasm of the participation of the eavesdropper. At the same time, the benefit of the eavesdropper will be shared equally between the questioner and the responder. Related income will also greatly promote the sharing and dissemination of enthusiasm. That is to say, in this chain, all aspects of participation have both psychological and intellectual satisfaction, and at the same time there is material feedback.


through a question and 60 seconds of voice answers, and directly affect and participate in the dissemination of knowledge sharing, questioning, onlookers eavesdropper, admirers. Secondly, there are fans of knowledge sharing, the circle of friends who ask questions, and those who share good friends. In the three or related communication chain, including all participants, all friends or relationship chains may participate. An ordinary problem became an adhesive, and all those related to it remained together.

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Aristotle said: "when diverse groups are gathered together, when there are many people involved in the negotiation process, everyone is."


in the distribution of the original knowledge dissemination system, including knowledge sharing, questioning, onlookers eavesdropper, ordinary users. First of all, ask questions, join fees, appropriately raise the threshold, and filter some invalid information appropriately. At the same time, it will improve the quality of interaction, and the questioner will be more appreciative of their own opportunities for questioning, and the knowledge sharing will be more dynamic. But in this case, one to one information flow and dissemination range is very limited.

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in the existing model, and now developed pay after sharing mode, "make free listen", a user appreciation of an answer, he can get many friends free to listen to the right to spend money not only its own knowledge, also can let the people around by sharing access to relevant knowledge. After the original one and eavesdropping relative closed sharing mode, and sharing mode, can not only retain the original user participation enthusiasm, and can open up the user with a circle around the same user, the formation of radiation and derivative effect, which is also an extension of the sharing economy.

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