Analysis of the inherent relationship with the search engine and the foreign trade site

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usually layout in the foreign trade site ", in theory, more representative keywords relevance of a page appears to be stronger," is related to the search term, but that is not the case. The search engine in the relevance judgment web page, will not only see frequency and density of keywords appear, including the density and frequency of many other factors will. But many webmaster can easily make the accumulation of keywords naturally or half unconsciously, the site is down right encounter.

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search engine is actually very eccentric, the weight of keywords in the page of the position are different is not the same. The search engine will put keyword locations and formats in the pages are recorded, and if the keyword appears in the weight will be an important position so the key get higher. It is common to keywords ranking and common keywords ranking tend to be much worse. Because of the keyword commonly used keyword search rankings of the contribution is less than the very. So the search engine keywords are not the same.

is now the search engine almost holds the most commercial stores of life and death, but in turn, commercial stores have a certain impact on the search engine. Because the search engine’s good rankings will bring more revenue, while stores can be found in the search engine, the search engine users will deepen impression, reach a win-win situation. So we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially the optimization of foreign trade business website shop, we should pay particular attention to the relationship between the search engine and business site.

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business site will generally require access speed, which is related to the site can browse stand time open the page, then affects the viewer can effectively transformed into a consumer, bring profit. So the foreign trade site will require managed web hosting providers have fast access speed, can open the page in the shortest time, achieve the goal of transformation. Moreover, the search engine for quick access to the web is a high-quality, safe and reliable, and trust are also included, will be improved.

and foreign trade site because of the keyword search engines tend to be connected, but also more than one point of contact. Search engines rely on foreign trade the existence of the site for the user, and the foreign trade site through search engines to promote their users. But for the non secure site, namely IP there is not a legitimate site or station will give the blockade of punishment. But the search engine will be a special treat with independent IP site, giving higher weights and ranking. In the foreign trade station side, Lunarpages IP is relatively independent from cost savings, the use of preferential China30 received 30% permanent concessions at the same time, but also get free independent IP.

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