User experience Shanghai Dragon technology is the fundamental thinking is the core of Shanghai Drago

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website architecture design

determines the fate of the site, the site to more than competitors, to enhance the quality and quantity of content, add fresh blood to the original site, can enhance the search engine friendliness, a website truly reflects the useful things for users is the content, if you website how beautiful, but not to the user useful content, I guarantee that the user can not more than 3 seconds on the exit pages, go down for a long time, the website will sooner or later be sentenced to death.

in the Internet community, to achieve the ultimate user experience of the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi. His understanding of user experience: 1, users are expected to exceed 2, some think the resonance can cause the user 3, the details of things throughout the site. When it comes to the user experience, will take into account the search engine user experience, product pictures and content of the site itself and external construction experience, to guide the user experience, as long as do Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate user experience, or ranking, or marketing, everything becomes so easy.

user guide is a very important part in the Shanghai dragon thinking, here we take a quiz, blog, forum for example, many people think that the platform is a good place to send the chain. We take the quiz platform as an example, such as the user asked: "


search engine has been initiated in the user experience, user experience in the search engine visible heart. What is the user experience? Intuitive understanding of the author, the user as a clothing to hand, eat a ready-cooked meal this kind of person, all need to use their brains more simple, in front of them, this is the user experience. Website architecture design exquisite is fundamental to the user experience, but these are not enough, Shanghai dragon thinking is the core of the user experience.

is no stranger to the Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon thinking is cloudy. I understand that the Shanghai dragon including Shanghai Dragon technology thinking, what is Shanghai dragon thinking? 1, user experience 2, 3 website architecture design, web content 4, user guide. Here we come to know what is the Shanghai dragon

Believe that the new The

website framework is a fundamental part of Shanghai Dragon technology, directly determines the user first impression is good or bad. The website structure needs to consider the Shanghai dragon, such as code to streamline, delete unnecessary whitespace, comments, junk code, keep clean code page. Should pay attention to avoid the use of navigation pictures and flash page, less use of frame framework, which caused trouble to the search engine, a tree form a breadcrumb to take home column page article pages, page (trunk), column page, the article page (Shu Zhi) (Shu Ye), 3 in the control layer, page design using div+css layout, Js code and code from the best to call on the outside, these search engines on the favorable factors we should consider.

thinking? user experience

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