The Shanghai dragon blog can build a personal brand

Affirmative view:

now Shanghai dragon blog can be said to have reached the point of overflowing with love, just a "search Shanghai City + Shanghai dragon", you can see a lot of personal blog on the first page of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon army practitioners no ground for blame, growing. Shanghai dragon blog number naturally began to erupt, Shanghai dragon Er most wanted to use my personal blog of Shanghai dragon to build a personal brand, then you can pick one. Of course, accumulated a certain amount of customer resources, open a studio or company optimization is possible, the Moonlight blog, Lou loose blog, believe in Shanghai Longfeng few do not know. These celebrities for their blog fame, but Shanghai dragon Er can build their own personal brand to Shanghai dragon blog? Online viewpoint, there is opposition, there are pros, everyone is not to debate each one sticks to his argument,.


, Lu Songsong and other famous Moonlight blog blog blog is a successful example, which also has a lot of Shanghai Longfeng blogs, such as ZAC, a Chinese Shanghai dragon day flat Shanghai dragon blog and so on, which indicates that the use of Shanghai dragon blog personal branding is successful, this is a civilian route in Shanghai er dragon "". Buy a domain name, buy a space to build a personal blog is very simple, there is no need to invest much money, generally a few hundred pieces on the line.

Shanghai Longfeng the majority of practitioners are grassroots or is the grass root level, the Shanghai dragon blog personal branding is one of the most simple and most efficient way, taking into account the actual situation. We stay on the Internet all day Shanghai dragon Er, the most obvious advantage is that we can use the Shanghai dragon bring traffic to your blog, but to build a personal brand is not just rely on the traffic on the line, said the popular point: it takes you on the Internet, especially in the Shanghai dragon circles "". Let more people know your name, but the easiest way is to write the soft. In Shanghai dragon friends all know the importance of soft, if you can see the love of Shanghai often in the news, then there must be a lot of people you know. Of course you have to implant their ads in soft paper, or their own Shanghai dragon blog address, or is my name, QQ number.

blog has been flooded, rare, personal blog Shanghai dragon too much, not worth the money. And a lot of Shanghai dragon blog is to Shanghai dragon orders for a casual, Shanghai dragon blog will claim to what Shanghai Longfeng brick house. Individual orders is the largest reputation, what the customers trust you? Only a Shanghai dragon blog can not explain what the problem, want to rely on the Shanghai dragon blog to build a personal brand, unless you put your blog operations like moonlight blog. But really can do a few, what can not be used in individual case. For the majority of Shanghai dragon blog, can have a few can become.

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