How to write the original article on the website of some views

in Shanghai dragon website optimization, most of the original article is to improve and update the collection of love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine spiders and intelligent but is a machine, write an article, as long as you write, no copy, 500-1000 words, it is easy to be included in the love of Shanghai, see many webmaster asked people to write the original article, general requirements are not too high, one is the original, two is not beside the point, don’t lose weight the breast enhancement can be written.

as an important link of website optimization, website updated original content, let the webmaster is quite a headache thing, kobun that is not difficult to write original articles, why?

is the love of Shanghai library, looking for relevant information, to find the love of Shanghai library is more effective than love Shanghai search results, why I want to do over a large number of website friends can understand some row appearance in the pages of the website of Shanghai love gorgeous, devoid of content, almost impossible to find useful information, may be a macro this point of view is biased, because I often write some information in this article, find some related websites, for a long time are very disappointed, what almost no decent articles, especially clothing shoes website, most of them are pictures with a obscure words, confusing, beautiful pictures from the vision it is able to attract people’s attention, with the Internet users immunity increases gradually, this way from the user experience point of view is not some outdated.

if the site is not pay attention to the original article, update the content on the site to stay in a simple copy, together, the title of the party state, will affect the development of the website, because love Shanghai constantly revise the rules of love, Shanghai improve the site weight rule is said to have more than 30, which are some what, no one knows. More rules, the higher the threshold, however, a general policy of Shanghai to change the rule of love is to improve the user experience, this is the development direction of love of Shanghai, which is the trend of Google search engine, allowing users to find in the shortest time is most needed!

Low ! Shanghai dragon

what users need most things? Kobun take love Shanghai and Shanghai library for example, Encyclopedia of love, we find the introduction of tourism tourism, an understanding of the brand clothing…… You can find the answers in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, some people say that love is the best teacher of the original Shanghai encyclopedia, this saying is not too much, because we are to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of useful knowledge. So a similar love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the article is that most users love

original articles, the quality is not high, in addition to love Shanghai included, for the user experience does not seem much use, especially some of the Taobao guest website, the title is "good" why certain content is out of order, and the copy paper is not let a person cannot read, read like to drink a cup of white water, dull as ditch water.

to write original articles about search engines, so that customer satisfaction is difficult, which is placed in many webmaster a problem, Shanghai is not in love >

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