How to deal with the future development of Shanghai dragon will be bidding to replace

Er is part of the Shanghai dragon, we usually say that the white hat Shanghai dragon, a white hat would certainly have black hat, black hat optimization technique but as a challenge to search the bottom line, not rookie Shanghai dragon can come into contact with the technology, but it is not long, not recommended to contact. Proportionately, part of the white hat Shanghai dragon is an industry for more than 90%, but if Shanghai dragon is purely in order to optimize the website, get keywords ranking, Shanghai Longfeng this road will become narrower and narrower, and not just that will be replaced by bidding. In the next three years, Shanghai dragon is temporarily not be bidding instead, because the price bidding has not reached the ideal baseline, but once the bidding price reached a certain level, Shanghai dragon is really be unemployed, this is not alarmist.

through professional Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not only enhance the natural ranking website, also let the user experience to improve a lot, achieve higher conversion, now the problem appeared, when a website with >


first, Shanghai is now faced with the dilemma of dragon

is a website to go up, you will be fired, rankings do not, will be fired. Why are Shanghai dragon trapped in the dilemma? Because now Shanghai Longfeng practitioners comprehensive ability is generally popular, occupation single skill, in addition to Shanghai dragon in this skill, others are utterly ignorant of, such as web page code, server management, competitive price, network marketing… Why do you need to have these skills? Because the common sites through the white hat Shanghai dragon means of optimizing up rankings, maintained three months ranking stable, during which you don’t need to do what operation, smart boss will feel no need to keep a professional maintenance of Shanghai dragon ranking, you will faced with the risk of unemployment, if you are a versatile, in addition to Shanghai Longfeng work, other work can be competent, so whenever you have not blank period, because you can contribute not only the Shanghai dragon; of course, if you do not have the ability to optimize a website ranking, it must inevitably be opened, with a number of skills is particularly important.

Seven’s answer is "". Why? Because the auction can directly obtain many keywords ranking, do not need special investment to do Shanghai Longfeng, excellent bidding is most of the natural monopoly, interception of traffic, so why now there are so many people not to do, but investors do Shanghai Longfeng? Because many sites are made the site of the company directly to mass production, code optimization, link optimization and so on, there are many problems, including the same page layout, which makes a lot of auction sites can not retain access to the site traffic, not very good to the transformation of these flow.

and Shanghai will be bidding to replace the Dragon

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