On the optimization of the electricity supplier website needs to pay attention to the four aspects

in the optimization of a glasses electricity supplier website, this website is the website of medium size, in the optimization I met a lot of difficulties, after solving these difficulties, the author summarizes some of the attention, which includes server, user experience and content, image processing, page optimization, chain construction etc. today, but the author mainly and we call server, user experience, content and pictures in four aspects. Speak out, following by the ultra billion optical network to exchange with you, optimize the business website needs to pay attention to the four aspects.

the user experience. The author believes that the biggest different electricity supplier website is to find ways to let users in the shopping process is smooth and easy to use, and ultimately contributed to the transaction. So, we should do in the simplified transaction steps, if it doesn’t have to do as much as possible, it should pay attention to simplify does not mean simple, if there will be with the current WeChat Italy simple payment, the user is not assured of the heart. So, I think, must take the user experience to do, only the user experience ready, customers are satisfied with the consumer, will reassurance on your website.

website how to choose the server? The author suggests that the choice of Linux nginx server, this server is very safe, and the performance is very good, ten times stronger than Apache. In addition if the selection of window server can choose 2003 servers, the unnecessary ports are turned off, security maintenance to do, don’t let down.

The author of the recent

two, the user experience should pay attention to

then, content. The electricity supplier website content is very important, often is the content of the night will be the user’s purchase, if the content has not been finished.


, a server should pay attention to

is the first, server. Do website webmaster should know, the electricity supplier website data is very large, there are many kinds of goods, and in this regard to consider server security, stability, strong. In addition to electricity supplier website transactions sites, security and stability are possible causes of the success of transaction, so the author thinks that the server should choose good, not hasty to choose the server.

three, the content should pay attention to

with the development of Internet, the network has become increasingly developed, many are well below the line of products to move to online sales, a large electricity supplier website platform Taobao, Jingdong, the most obvious. From the incomplete data we can see a lot of people are using these side platforms while using independent electricity supplier of small electricity supplier platform of their own to sell products, so the electricity supplier platform has attracted a lot of attention of the webmaster, they want to use their own electricity supplier website to sell products and profit, can see the importance of the electricity supplier in the eyes of the webmaster website.

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