How to more effectively do the novice webmaster chain

said that although the favorites website is becoming less and less, many are not made public, but does not rule out some good websites such as favorites, love Shanghai favorites, love Shanghai favorites to give their weight is relatively high, and you can be published soon after collection; in addition, Le hand favorites is also good, but only the favorites included the main page to your favorites, the two pages included not to; in addition to a good favorites, that is Cape of Good Hope, which included fast, high weight, but now the favorites collection regulations, new users can not open, so the newly registered users first can send several messages, so you can open their own favorites, do the chain for your website.

as everyone knows, external links is an important link in website optimization, only the external links do in comfortable site keywords will have a good rankings. How the time in the effective external links do, let it play the double effect? Then I according to some of their own experience to do the optimization that how to make the external links.

After the adjustment of Shanghai

algorithm of self love, love Shanghai for their products to give a higher weight, weight and love Shanghai know next to love Shanghai encyclopedia, so with the help of love Shanghai know the chain effect will be better. In addition, other inquiry platform, such as ask, Qihoo and the weight is also very good, is a good place to send the chain. However, with the help of Q & a platform to do when the chain need to answer the question correctly, and leave the site URL in the reference bar, if the answer is just the answer will be deleted, serious site URL will be Q & a platform shield.

third, Links

soft to have great benefits to enhance the site weight, the first in the rear can leave the site URL (Web site can increase the weight of the website and included), the source location can do the anchor text to improve website ranking. The general first submitted to the soft A5, because A5 is haunted by many webmasters to master a lot, this contribution can generally be through, even if you in the wrong place some editing will seriously help you change, you can better improve writing skills.

Links can make the website keyword rankings in a short period of time, while the Links standard is: love Shanghai overnight (two days snapshot snapshot also calculate normal), love Shanghai included more than two hundred, Google included more than three hundred outbound links can not be more than thirty, the value of PR and aleax can be used as the reference standard (the value of PR to a certain extent, and aleax just played down). In addition, key position by weight before the value obtained will be higher.

I used above is the four main methods, do not underestimate this four methods, as long as any method to good use, can make their site

First, the soft link

fourth, love Shanghai know, ask questions such as link

second, favorite links

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