Returning to the individual search

also provides services based on the surrounding love Shanghai, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love map, love Shanghai financial group purchase, in the life of the service, users can also be a key login.

What is the

search engine to return to the individual? In the early days of the search engine product line, between the user and the search engine is from the user is the user, the search engine is a search engine, even if the search engine said "customer is king", but also the group action. The "individual", is the single user as the main mode based on each user has a different user experience, this is the need to open the independent ID system corresponding to each user.

finally, protect the user’s own personal interests. The search engine users launch support services for a very long period of time, but it is not always effective, reason, the user does not record their search behavior. After login, the user through the search records, you can find yourself in what search link deceived, so, when the user search behavior because deceived after blending between and search engine is much easier. Sogou, 360 search also launched related personal login, but in individual user stickiness, also need to be improved.

love Shanghai early on with a special ID system to enable the user to log in, but the early search based on individual behavior and did not get attention, or that the user stickiness is not high, even if the user login, is also very difficult to enhance the user experience. But now is not the same, love Shanghai whole product line is very long, the user login through love Shanghai personal ID, can feel very much service, the first is based on the search behavior, users can record their own time search records, although the demand is not large, but there are still certain users want to know their search behavior in the near future.

said above is based on the user individual benefits, then the search engine is and what are the benefits of

, Shanghai love other product lines, such as Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love, love, love to know the Shanghai library Shanghai experience, love Shanghai space, a ID universal love Shanghai all product line of products.


love Shanghai big data since its launch in 2014 during the Spring Festival migration after Shanghai launched a love prediction products, search behavior of massive user based on and related to forecast related search, including the forecast period 51, world cup and other festivals. After returning to the individual search, the search engine can search more accurate understanding to each user, resulting in a large data prediction can be more precise.

love Shanghai, 360 search, Sogou search have opened the "individual" mode, the search engine is no longer the pure search engine, "individual" is the role of attention in the magnified, and the principle of the supremacy of users in the search engine, once again fulfilled.

in addition, the product line can be formed between the series, rather than breaking (>

Secondly, based on

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