Taking into account the original effect can make the search experience to play

is to enhance the user experience, so we have to improve the quality, let visitors feel the material to be found. However, I believe that most webmaster hard original purpose, should not only to the user, but on balance or search engine optimization. Naturally, the quality of the article, at the same time, users love will also get popular search engine. However, the machine language has its natural characteristics, that is to say, the search engine has established the quality standard, and the standard user even cannot capture and perception. For example, the similarity search engine database and analysis program of their own strong; for instance, some sensitive hot topic, perhaps very welcomed by the users, but take into account the policy and commercial interests, the search engine does not necessarily indexed. I think that, if the contents of the original purpose of both search engine optimization, then the experience cannot be ignored, only taking into account the search engine experience, the original effect can be the most incisive play.

, a clear theme, launched around the theme of the original

In order to increase the is similar to the same new in order to be different.

in the chain, ZhengZhan optimization keywords layout, mostly in different pages of the anchor text link, will be transferred to the relevant page page weight. The author thinks that a website should generally not exceed three key words, we can be regarded as the three theme, so original writing also need around these themes. We do an example using the keyword "construction site", can be extended to the professional website construction, website construction company, marketing type website construction and so on, so you can write the content is too many. Clear theme writing slightly, a website three or four core keywords, dozens or even hundreds of good performance in long term, you can do the same.

search engine must have a way to judge the quality of the established, and the correlation is one of them. The content of the construction of multiplier is around the theme of the original site. For example, a web site is the theme of the website construction, if the station more than 80% articles are around the topic, the absolute helpful for enhancing site weight. On the contrary, if there is no system of the contents of the article, but the laundry is not the natural aggregation site put all sorts of things together, weight. In fact, the essence of a way of regression optimization, content and related theme is the optimization of the. The search engine that is not only the page keyword layout, keyword layout, including the entire station page layout and different keyword density.

two, reduce the content of

even if it is not plagiarism, or malicious imitation, with website design, the same view or even the same style There are plenty of people who are. The first is because we too much attention in the professional articles, such as the A5 station network, every more than 100 original Internet information release, it seems that all can write opinions, especially sharing articles, almost all are from different angles and repeated reading. This information is often one view >

The original purpose of


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