Shanghai dragon construction site of the domain name the older the better

The correlation between

my own view, generally considered the domain name is old, the higher the weight, in a situation is not good, that is the relationship between the correlation, ranking is not only associated with weight, and the correlation also has a great relationship, which will ultimately affect the ranking of the factors derived from the concept of the domain name the old is better then the correlation is a, if a website made in the early site type and you want to do after the type of site is completely different, so it will cause conflict between sites caused by the situation. One, two kinds of anchor text coexistence; two, love Shanghai said on this website to pre link do all off, and then re search, then no matter how long thought this time? Love Shanghai in our eyes is slow, so to say, the relationship that must be spend more time time to leave early index links and weights and the correlation between the nature of the website itself is a kind of hurt, more to myself is a test, finally will cause a certain impact on the site, which is a website, have a certain impact to the ranking.


remember there is a saying in the forum, the domain name longer, the higher the weight, the time here, not the domain name application time, but, after the domain name was collected from the site of the time, this time is more long, the weight was higher that the natural time domain, more easy to get love Shanghai’s favor, often find this is domain name sale that I have how old domain name, I have long domain name domain name, or that I see, a domain name than the love of Shanghai appear longer, remember seeing behind, seemingly than love Shanghai time long; nature has such a statement, but a statement cannot overthrow another Chengdu, what is the

domain name of the older the better? The domain name is a site of the entrance, when you decide the type of site when you have to find a good domain name, to promote your theme, this is what we must know, so this time a domain name relationship, how much do you know so? The author according to their own understanding to write a short report, we hope to help.

of a domain name, when se was recorded when the correlation is in your title, anchor text, link alt attribute, these correlations will affect your domain name and explain as the direction of bigger, especially on a website has a lot of content, when change the correlation of the domain name, will produce misunderstanding; but here is not to say that the old domain is not good, first of all, making a website, must take into account the correlation, suggested here, in which is related to contact, select the old domain name, keep the old domain interpretation of the correlation of correlation here is that between the maintenance of website link quality assurance, love Shanghai will not retrieve your website category, and only change structure.

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