The purchase of 30% 63% growth rate We improve the image search ranking optimization suggestions 9

home owners (Chinaz贵族宝贝) Note: with the increasing popularity of voice search, more and more owners began to inject more energy in this area. For now, what seemed to be a relatively small "competitiveness promotion media": image search. However, although the image search competition than web search, but due to various reasons, to do the optimization work is not easy, here are a few tips to optimize the foreign Shanghai Longfeng author Wesley Young shares.

image search below for your reference, reference:

data Moz expert Rand Fishkin, founder of Shanghai dragon show: image search is the baby贵族宝贝 search function second high platform usage, and search platform even its usage has exceeded the other use rate ranked TOP 10 (in addition to: Web search and image search such as YouTube, Google maps, YAHOO Facebook, etc.).

According to the analysis of

2, as we all know, the bigger picture, the loading time is longer, but to sacrifice the quality of the image for reducing the size of the picture.

can improve the user experience of the images can get better ranking

1, to ensure the picture quality (sharpness) and attractive (even a small map also allows users to click desire: in color, composition and other aspects under the time). According to the Shotfarm survey, most consumers have said "pictures and descriptions is an important reason for their decision to buy the product," the "important" degree can reach 30%, or even 63%. In other words, in the user view, the picture quality largely reflects the quality of products and services. So, the simple answer is: high quality (color, composition and resolution) picture is helpful to improve the click rate, click rate and is conducive to the promotion of image ranking, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

image search may imagine important

to far more than you

in Google image search rankingsIn addition to the relevance and quality of Although

according to Moz data show that Google image search using rate is quite hard to imagine than Dazhen, after noble baby贵族宝贝, and far more than YouTube, Google maps, Facebook and Amazon combined, as shown below:

There are a few suggestions for the optimization of

images, the user experience feedback is Google search ranking is one of the important factors. Therefore, hits manuscripts images tend to place will be better. Share a few suggestions to improve the user experience:

image search competition is not very big, but paid for display, and the algorithm in Google, it still has some difficulty.

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