The search results for the personal influence of Shanghai Dragon

fact, just let the same network view of people gathered together, for different people always separated by a big gap, the network did not let everyone’s eyes become open, but only the same people have a place to keep each other warm.


                optimization of the nobility do baby might have heard, some people think that the baby store aristocratic user’s information, and then give the search results according to the user’s click search history, let the user see through artificial processing content. Some people said, when the nobility baby we should see search results filtered out, we would know? If you don’t know, it may become a victim of personalized search results.

if you see some topic sites, you will find that we are all, or an argument is to express their description. This situation is caused by the users themselves? Or network mechanism allows users to become so? In fact, it is hard to distinguish. But the noble baby is through this idea, that go from the user’s browsing history.

some people say you can hear different voices in the network, see a variety of different information, so you can use a more broad mind to face with their different ideas, but that it has been proved just "Utopia" thought.

a word: the network does not allow different views of each other more rational communication network, just let the same view of the close together.

so, I guess the search engine may also think so, if you are in a group of people, of course, the search engine will give you this group of information, this is the best search results. For example, when you are opposed to nuclear energy policy, your Internet browsing history is mostly in opposition to the 360 search "content, so in your search results, you will see a lot of opposition to the 360 search content. Similarly, if you are in search of the 360" so, you have to search the results will be to search the contents of the majority in favor of the 360 ".

everyone in social media, micro-blog, the platform will only for their views with the same information, continue to press the praise, for different opinions, may ignore or left a few sour message, who will not be interested to hear voices of dissent, even to finally stick to my opinion. This, I believe many people will have deep feeling.

personalized search results so that everyone can see search results seems to be tailored for himself, is that you see the search results to be seen in the search results are not the same, so why do we see the result is not the same? If it is the result of what the future of Shanghai dragon

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