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degree A popular search term

three, Shanghai Search Ranking

love Shanghai Search Ranking industry and list the main theme, and the fastest rising search term. The new keywords have the potential to help. Some popular search terms may be several months or even years remain popular, of course, also maintained a high level of competition. But some unexpected social hot one can expect, when these hot spots occur, will be reflected in the fastest rising search terms, this will give all sites a similar chance.

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Hello, I am a grassroots webmaster from Inner Mongolia, now runs here in Hohhot talent network. The book above "five big webmaster Shanghai dragon tools give you the secret", Shanghai dragon tools five relatively easy to use.

two, Shanghai

index is a keyword research tool is very similar to the trend of noble baby. With the trend of better than noble baby, love Shanghai index mark is related to the amount of the so-called "user attention" and search keywords, and the noble baby trend is an absolute and search volume is not directly related to the relative value.

, a lot of news websites have a comprehensive portal of Shanghai dragon or column editors always pay attention to the key words of the fastest rising, has the potential to capture the traffic sources, once found the hot words associated with their own website, they quickly organized the project, launched a number of related content, who first introduced the content, who will in the hot.

noble Baby Trend second important function is to show the site traffic, baby Trends for Websites noble. But this feature is not Chinese version, if not view the login account, then the flow does not show the specific figures. Login nobility baby account, specific site traffic numbers can be displayed. Of course, the real traffic only owners of the enterprise and you know. Third party data, including the noble baby Trends data are only estimates and reference. From the point of view of noble baby than the true digital estimated flow of small 20%-30%, this is enough for us to study the status of competitors.


Google (noble baby Trends) was divided into two functions, one is to check the keywords in the noble baby search times and change trend, see website traffic two (Trends for Websites noble baby). Noble baby trend chart display trend of keyword search volume and time. The biggest drawback is that does not show the specific search volume, but give a relative number, for comparison between different search volume keywords is enough. We can use the market trend of nobility baby and keyword research.

, a Google

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