We should pay special attention to the negative factors English Google ranked Shanghai dragon servic

let’s start simple, a very negative factor is the length of the domain name. But this is a very significant factor. If you have a domain name, Shoes贵族宝贝, ranking it will rank better than Buy-Cheap-Mens-Shoes贵族宝贝. Below I will repeat, is not equal to the influence factors. We can therefore expect a series of reasons. For example, Shoes贵族宝贝 might be a relatively long name. Perhaps it has been ten years and there are a lot of backlinks. Buy-Cheap-Mens-Shoes贵族宝贝 seems to look like a garbage site. It may not have too many links. BTW, if you look forward to these strategies, dash could be another negative factor. A domain name even more characters, negative influence on the ranking will be more. This does not mean that you can’t use those long domain name. But according to our observation that is not the best.

Hello, we have said a lot of English service in the Shanghai dragon ranking related positive factors. For example, the weight of a web page will have 0.28 effects on your ranking. Now I would like to once again issued a statement, that is not equal to the influence of reason. This means that when we see those high weight website, we often found that they also have a higher ranking. Every day we will see a large number of search results on the web, we go back to the analysis ", we try to find the high ranking" and those between the characteristics of the web link. When we found the relationship between the time, we usually say they have a positive impact on the ranking. Other positive factors is to have a good domain name, such as the end with贵族宝贝. If your domain name is Diamond贵族宝贝. You may be the word diamond to bring good rankings. Moreover, if the root domain with anchor text will part 0.25 of the correlation.

why do we have to keep to the positive factors of it, we can still go to talk about those negative factors. We found that there are many factors but also to bring the negative influence of the rankings, we usually pay much attention to them not to. But this really is the influence of the factors, which has been at the bottom. They are also very worthy of our attention, because if we can avoid these problems, we may be able to achieve a better ranking.

The response time of

response time is also a very controversial topic. We love to draw some small animal pictures on our website, so you can see the pictures on our website. In Shanghai dragon industry has been a controversy, that is "slow and slow server will bring you a low ranking. We have no data, so we can’t give you an accurate answer. But it.

The length of the domain name

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