Zac read Shanghai dragon combat code external links section sense

actual password if you do there is to lose weight, then in a Shanghai dragon blog do anchor text or directly link it will be greatly reduced, if the Shanghai Phoenix blog has an article which is specifically about the words that the weight loss effect can be improved, but it is far from a weight loss blog link is more important, this is called Ningkuimoujian details.


recently to painstaking research about Shanghai dragon so bought an actual Zac password, also not all reading the book, I most love the part of me first, of course is about the external links section, I believe that many webmaster friends like me, I will put my reading of this section I like to share:


is three points above I read "Shanghai dragon combat code" external links section of the feelings I was of great help to me, because it help me make my future do the chain direction, not much good to say the fastest method stovepipe 贵族宝贝huazhuangpin.5d6d贵族宝贝 original please keep the link.

chain continued to increase is critical for the site, if you add 100 links and one day this month do not go to the tube, then the role will be far less than you every day only 3 links, this view is also applicable to the content update, not an update dozens of articles and then for a long time not updated, remember Shanghai the dragon is a gradual process.

actual combat password inside tells a keyword difficulty mainly depends on several indicators of love Shanghai index, related web pages, love Shanghai as one of the top ten home page, and the number of domain keyword bidding number, and the third indexes are said to rival, because that is the inside pages to the station more than words is relatively more easily, so how are we going to do about the analysis of competitors, one usually we don’t pay much attention to is the most important, is the competition of the total domain name outside the chain, I believe that very few people to pay attention to this index, we can as a domain name in a forum 100 outside the chain, but it is very difficult in the 100 forum every one to do the chain. So if you want to do a keyword found outside the chain of competitors in the tens of thousands of you do not have to panic, if the domain name scanty words, then more than it is not so difficult, I hope you can pay attention to the index chain is usually referred to the wide degree.

third: the chain continued to increase

first analysis of difficulty and competitor


second: the correlation of the chain is very important

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