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in February, Facebook CEO Mark · said Zuckerberg wanted to introduce services that allow users to participate in "situational content". In addition, Facebook executives said they plan to build an ecosystem that specializes in making video content, as a supplement to content made by users.

Taobao customers, even so, in making traffic at the same time, you have to understand, fully recycling traffic.

actually said so much, is just beginning, but, now, in the movie, thunderbolt watch movie dead card slow, the mood is bad, first write these, write bad, forgive me, I will not write in the future. If you write a good word, that is to say, the last time the Tencent was included, and I wrote more than 10 sequels, but have not been included again, this will work hard, come on! For the first to write so much, then write tomorrow. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

foreign media Business Insider said in a report, Facebook is making about 24 programs, the first program is launched in June.

a lot of people’s Taobao guest site, explains the complex, super detailed description and description of the product. But most importantly, the user is most concerned about the price, but there is no relevant explanation, or instructions super fuzzy. If a product is free, no matter what it needs, it will be bought. If it is one hundred million pieces, how much should be considered except for giant weapons such as airplanes and tanks. So, the most obvious things about what users need most, prices, etc., don’t hide them.

two: clearly marked price

1: you need to improve the convenience of Taobao transactions.

a lot of people do Taobao, but it’s hard to make money, let alone make a lot of money. In fact, it is not your lack of technical strength, the same is 100 thousand IP, some people can create 1 million yuan, some people can create 10 thousand yuan, some people not only create much money, but also because too much traffic caused by paralysis of the server.

to know, it is impossible to do website space too garbage, can not afford your traffic, this can only show that you will not make money.

many people Taobao – there is a problem, that is, you want to buy something by the station than in Taobao to buy. So troublesome, who his mother will buy in you? Really humor, you just do, again fancy, again advanced, again powerful. As long as you do not give free, and your operation is a hundred times more trouble than Taobao, who would like to use your own may have fishing Taobao customers?

on the way into the film and television, Facebook is not alone, technology giants Amazon and shlf1314’s Amazon and YouTube respectively, is also deeply involved in film and television entertainment business.

Taobao’s most successful point is that it is his search and detailed classification. Because a lot of people shopping, the objectives are, if your classification is not detailed enough, then you can be miserable, not in the mood to accompany you to walk. In addition, detailed classification, but also noted that, do not make useless classification. Many people believe that the classification is enough, but no matter what is selling, are concentrated in a classification, other positions are blank, then you might as well not the classification, misleading users, sad.

‘s current Facebook platform is dominated by user generated content patterns. And as early as last year, Facebook has begun to move into the field of television advertising, advertising to expand its set-top box APP video advertising, including Apple, TV, Roku and so on.

reported that these TV programs are divided into two types, one is similar to the "house of cards" for the long duration of high-quality programs, the other one is only 5-10 minutes long short program, can be added to the Facebook application of video tags.

reports that Facebook is recruiting people familiar with Hollywood, not Silicon Valley.

three: the classification is clear and detailed

May 6th morning news, Facebook has plans to develop original video content, in June this year will launch the first long video program, in order to achieve more advertising purposes.

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