Optimization details several websites you will neglect


input domain instruction love Shanghai came out, in order to facilitate the review, recommendations that the number of set to 100 per page, so it is more convenient, the chain trend view competition is also very convenient.

two: the latest chain query

many of the page text using the random call column column, the advantage of this is that each page is a spider, change, next is very conducive to the deep internal pages to crawl, enhance the whole point of crawl rate is recommended when new online home page text columns using the random call station mode, can effectively improve the sites included the number, a month, included rate has reached more than 80%, the new station is not easy. .

if your site outside the chain of stable, high quality content, but the keywords ranking is not stable enough, it may be very small details in the keyword ranking is not stable.

Hello, I am Jun Shanghai Longfeng Er, last post is recommended to the home page is very happy, also very supportive to my editor’s encouragement and support, these days a new ranking is more stable, the weight is able to reach 3, and today I want to tell you is the website ranking process, several problems arise the ways to deal with the problem and, more complex, but few people pay attention to, so I write it out, and I may be of some similar website owners will help.

three: the website authority identification

Many webmaster

has an advanced search, such as:

estimates are not query the day the latest increase in the chain, a friend just asked me this today, before the Changsha Wen Jun also wrote, but he wrote a URL address, and is in the form of pictures, I see the feeling more trouble, the real love of Shanghai support the function itself, directly on the bottom of the Shanghai love search,


but everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the home section random call consequence is unstable and close keywords, keyword density is precisely many owners ignore the details, when we study the Shanghai dragon who heard the keyword density, the influence of the rankings, but not when it is in fact more things, more basic keywords large density has been changing, the search engine will make your keywords ranking as the mountain car like up and down, for a long time may even be right down, so after the web site is included, must take the home section randomly call features removed, keyword density control in a quantitative, up and down floating is not more than 1%, coupled with the content and the support of the chain, the ranking will steadily rise.




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