How to do web site optimization The use of new media since the media platform optimization

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from the media layout, to do the chain and text layout:

most of my friends all know that the greatest impact is the website optimization website content and the chain. Optimization is a complicated system engineering, the theory is very simple, but it is not easy.


8, various types of B2B platform account number

10, paid media contact cooperation of

3, Sohu from the media

what to do next?

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1, today’s headlines platform

4, Tencent Penguin

let’s say good website features Shanghai Dragon:

index as well as easily, ranking up.

9, can be submitted to news platform, new media, since the media blog number (A5, Lu Songsong blog, business network business network can contribute platform)

4, independent host, and the speed of browsing experience better

This is the website of for the third party cooperation?Department of

6, micro-blog, WeChat and QQ account number

1, the website layout is clear, and the web page content display more information.

7, BBS,


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First look at the case:

Post Bar forum account number

11, Shanghai love account number of

2, love Shanghai 100 platform

5, often publishing original content display.

5, a

3, most of the articles are the information content of an industry, other irrelevant content is less, more and better vertical website positioning.

science and technology coffee: a website optimization company responsible for the customer will.

2, the whole site to the main graphic display, pure pictures and flash effect of less


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the following share is top secret sharing, if you feel good, please support the original. In the website optimization, we first prepared conditions and resources needed for website optimization. If you prepare more resources, more convenient when you use, you do website optimization, website ranking is not too difficult to do.

6, quality Links cooperation

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