How do put the key words do the first page of the second page

there is a note that my external links are not all point to the home page, there are also many links to the headlight assembly of the content page.

because the word is on the ranking page, so I think that is not the weight within the page is too low, not stable rankings, then I decided to do an experiment, published an article on the owners of the house and stay inside the A5 above, the link is not home page link, but the word in the page links (before submission has been left the home page link), a few days ago suddenly found the word ranking on the front page, and on fourth

for reference!The original !

we do Shanghai dragon knows that love Shanghai for home page is often are given higher weights, so in order to get the inside pages of a relatively good ranking, you must first make Sitelinks, moreover wants to get a good ranking page often need better content to support. The following is some of the practices I improve the inside pages of the.

3 months ago, I now accept the company’s website, optimize the headlight assembly before the word, from other people over the word ranking is 16, I optimized the more than 2 month, that the word fluctuated greatly, often hovering in the second to third pages, not been on the front page of

in the station, I put the contents of the page using the popular articles, recommended articles this form to give some article page a link weight this way can well improve the content of the page. Do the station around a word, add anchor text for the headlight assembly within the page rankings is also helpful in other page. The content is also very important for ranking, for a page to get good rankings, so the readability of the article is also very important, so the headlight assembly this article page chose to re edit the article, meet the needs of users! Do these basic can page can have a very good ranking. Some of the practices, the above is my promotion within the pages of the


drunk after his gentle: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/newsshow.aspx? Iid=272 please indicate the source, thank you


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