Don’t have sex in Shanghai ranking how to optimize the site

take the brand route optimization, site vertical precise positioning, brand extension and create. The brand is a kind of method to optimize the site of the insurance. Is your website or product into a brand, the customer is not directly see your website, but see your name, they induce active search, actively looking for your site. Love thousand goose believes that brand optimization method is focus on the vertical positioning, optimize promotion brand word, let the user’s mind under an anchor, spoke of a detailed field, you are the boss. This is the brand optimization.

circle circle should be called the actual optimization promotion, is said to attract the target population to achieve through a lot of promotion; if the optimization ranking is not done well, and even the brand also feel that, it can only be diligent. It is impossible to push the circle of people, using human wave tactics to promote directional attract people, through the QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat, directed the crowd forum to vigorously promote your website, of course, those who buy the related software, by the Navy, malicious.

refers to the optimization of the mobile platform, the mobile terminal do website, ranking Quxianjiuguo in mobile phone search engine, love Shanghai siteapp, open mobile terminal adapter are optimization tools. Here is not only to the mobile terminal site, including mobile phone mobile terminal platforms, such as WeChat; WeChat optimization end is a bit out of the theme of this paper, it is the only WeChat public information optimization platform, push every WeChat information, there are two advantages, 1 to enhance the quality and quantity of users, attract target users; 2 can be beneficial to the brand communication, many excellent WeChat can go through mobile phone or Internet communication (some high weight website dedicated to collecting outstanding WeChat information).

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other search engine optimization

love Shanghai is the dominant search engine, but it does not mean that no people do not live. We can also do the site optimization ranking in other search engines. Noble baby, 360, Sogou can do, of course, is certainly not the same as the corresponding flow (thousands of geese to understand current love at home and can not use the noble baby, 360 is said to have occupied 30% market share, Sogou has been in force). For example, 360 search engine optimization ranking, more analysis of 360 ranked good website, understand some 360 search engine optimization knowledge, can ignore the love Shanghai rankings, and the optimization objectives in the other search engines.

circle type optimization

Optimization of ?

mobile terminal

recently loose blog news makes a lot of Shanghai dragon Er terrified: HC spent 50 million 800 thousand to buy a lot of love Shanghai keywords natural search location. This means that the natural search has not only normal optimization can get the love of Shanghai’s natural search and PPC, can be bought; it also means that the love Shanghai natural search can not do optimization, so how to optimize the site should be

brand optimization


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